June 17, 1981

Memory Lane Monday - Me at 10 months old


This weekend we've been spending time with my Dad and his new wife, Jeanne, getting to know eachother better and hangin' out with our little bundle-of-energy almost-10-month-old.  It's been lots of fun and of course, as it goes when grandparents and grandbabies get together, a walk down memory lane is bound to occur.  There have been several such "strolls" this weekend, so I was inspired to start a new series of posts.  It's called Memory Lane Monday.  A chance for me to post and electronically scrap-book some photos from the past.  You'll get to read stories from our dating era, our childhood, and in between... and of course, embarrassing baby photos are sure to appear... 

Like this one! 

Yep, that's me on the right.  And the star on the left?  Well, I'll let her decide if she wants to stake her claim to fame.  ;)  And don't any of you who know her go ruining it for her!  Ha! 

But isn't she just so darn cute?! 

Oh, just another reason why I can't wait for summer... 

This one takes the cake!

Each week I'll post Memory Lane Monday under its chronological date, and then let you know at the top of my blog with a link that a new Memory Lane Monday has posted.  

If anyone's interested in joining in the fun, let me know in the comments' section and I'll put up a MckLinky so you can post your own Memory Lane Monday. 

Thanks, Mom, for finding this one for me! 

I'll be back before too long with photos from this weekend! 


Memorias - Renee a los 10 meses de edad

Este fin de semana, hemos estado pasando tiempo con mi padre y la nueva esposa - Jeanne.  Hemos podido conocernos más y pasar mucho tiempo con Danilo.  Hemos disfrutado mucho y por supuesto, como es cuando estamos con abuelos y nietos, hablamos de memorias de cuando era niña.