October 18, 2003

Goin' to the chapel courthouse...

On the morning of October 18th, 2003, I woke up at my uncle's condominium where I was living and I put on a yellow dress.  I grabbed the bouquet of yellow roses I'd put together the night before and I got in the car with my friend, Elizabeth. We drove to my parents' house where my fiancé was waiting. 

He was pretty excited to see me 

even though we gave attitude to the photographer my sister

because that day

after pictures were taken

we went to the courthouse to get married. 

With papers in hand and five friends and family by our sides, we walked in

and stood in line to get married.  It was all very romantic. 
Ok, well, except for the part about standing in line. 

Then we stood before a judge. 
She asked us if we were ready and we said, "Yep!"

And before we knew it, we were married!  The ceremony went so fast that we even missed a picture of the first kiss!  This is a shot my sister caught just afterward.   

I don't remember the ceremony itself or what exactly we said. We (obviously) didn't put much time into planning that day.  We saved the planning for our church wedding ceremony held eight months later.  But what I do remember, in the moment I said, "I do," was the deep-down-in-my-gut absolutely totally sure understanding that I was now joined to this man. 

In mind, in body and in spirit, we were then - in that very moment - one.  It's a mystery of marriage that awes and stills me when I think of the serverity of it.  Severity in a really wonderful absolutely amazing sort of way. 

I say often that marriage to the right man is incredibly wonderful and marriage to the wrong man can be hell on earth.  So choose wisely. 

I have been blessed with a whole lotta' heaven on earth.  Alejandro is God's best gift to me. 

After the papers were signed

and hugs were given

we decided a little celebration was in order.  So we headed back to my parents' house for lunch and a little cake. 


It was a cupcake with two kisses on top angled like wedding bells.

Then we went outside for more pictures before heading to the beach for a nice long stroll with our toes in the sand.

This is Chad, Alejandro's American exchange student (when they were in Costa Rica together) and host family (when they were in Kansas together).  He's sorta' responsible for Alejandro's love of the U.S.  So I kinda' like him.  Oh, and he also has a heart of gold. 

No, she's not my sister.  Elizabeth and I grew up together as neighbors. 

No, she's not my sister.  She's my mom. 

Yep.  She's my sister. 

And then

we lived happily ever after. 

Ok, maybe with a whole lot of Grace and refining by Holy Fire as we continue to figure this marriage-thing out.  But for the most part, we've lived happily and thankfully ever after.