August 11, 2007

Hey everybody!

Hey everybody!!! So the big news is that on May 31st, I EARNED my very first Mary Kay CAR!!! Can you believe it?! Check out the picture of it. We'll be picking it up from the dealership in June.

Thanks to my most fabulous customers who have supported me and get all that great Mary Kay face-washin-good paroduct from me! You are the most important part of my business!!

Congratulations to my most amazing, wonderful, powerful, audacious, red-hot team, who helped make it happen! I can't wait to see YOU in your first Mary Kay car!

My friends and family have cheered me on and been my encouragement when I felt down. Alejandro, you ARE God's gift to me!

And to God be the glory!!! He is AMAZING and dreams up things for us we never would have imagined!!