August 31, 2009

A love note...

Dear Danny,

Yesterday you turned two months old! I can hardly believe that it's been only two short months since you entered our lives and turned our world upside down. It seems that you have always been here and I've always known and loved you.

There is so much about you that I adore. Your personality is so vibrant and alive! You are alert and happy. Playful and content. You love to laugh and you seem to take in the whole world as you discover it.
Mornings with you are close, snuggly and sleepy. You give me such joy. I just giggle when you are sleepy... and I know you got the wake-up-slowly habit from me. You love to come out of sleepy delirium slowly, just like I do.
And I love to find the excuse just to hold and cuddle you while you breathe slowly and soundly in restful dream-land.
When you are upright, you can mostly hold your head by yourself now. It's only just a little wobbly.
You often look off into the sky above. I think you might be looking at angels.
Whether sitting up or playing on your back, you mostly love to flail your arms and look for your hands. Sometimes when you're trying to get your hands to your mouth, you whack yourself in the head! When you play on your tummy, you can hold your head up for several seconds at a time, and you like to shove your fist in your mouth and suck on it. You're starting to play with sound and today you made the funnest noises as you played on your tummy. You've started to coo, and today you said "Hi!" four times!


You're on a three hour schedule. Your naps are an hour and a half, and it is so fun to watch you go from awake, through sleepiness, until you finally close your eyes. But it makes me sleepy to watch you!
When you are upset or impatient, you cry and it sounds like, "Mwaaaaw!" and you stick out your lower lip. Then you suck in and your lower lip quivers just enough to break my heart in two! But usually you don't stay upset for long.

Some of my favorite things are to give you kisses and smell your head and look into your eyes while I hold you and watch your many facial expressions while you look around and play. You are smart, attentive, energetic and active. You have a happy, gentle, fun-loving spirit. I love you, Danilo. I love to watch you grow.

Happy Two-Month Birthday!


Querido Danilo,

¡Ayer, cumpliste dos meses de edad! Me cuesta creer que han sido solamente dos meses desde cuando entraste nuestra vida. Parece que siempre has estado aquí y que siempre te he conocido y amado.

Hay tantas cosas de ti que adoro. ¡Tu personalidad es vibrante! Eres alerto y felíz. Juguetón y contento. Te encanta reír y parece que te enteras de todo el mundo mientras lo descubres.

Paso las mañanas contigo cerca, acurrucándonos. Me das tanto gozo. Me rio cuando tienes sueño... y sé que recibiste de mi parte el costumbre de despertarse lento. Te encanta tomar mucho tiempo despertarse, tal como yo. Me encanta buscar la escusa para solo sostenerte y acurrucarte mientras duermes y respiras lento, lleno de paz.

Cuando te sientas casi puedes sostener tu cabeza recta sin ayuda. Frequentamente miras a tu alrededer y hacia arriba. Yo pienso que tal vez estás viendo los ángeles en el cielo.

Sentado o acostado, muevas los brazos y buscas tus manos. ¡A veces cuando intentas poner tus manos en la boca, te pegas en el frente! Cuando juegas en el estómago, puedes sostener arriba tu cabeza por varios segundos, y te gusta comerte la mano. ¡Estás empezando jugar con sonido y hoy hiciste algunos ruidos graciosos! Nos dijistes "Hola" cuatro veces hoy. (En inglés, suena como JAIIIY!)

Duermes y comes cada tres horas. Me fascina verte pasar por despierto y alerto hasta dormido, hasta que cierras los ojos. ¡Pero me da sueño mirarte!

Cuando estás trastornado o impaciente, lloras y suena como, "Mwaaaaw!" y sacas la trompita. Pero no te quedas trastornado mucho tiempo.

Darte besos. Oler tu cabeza. Mirar en tus ojos mientras te sostengo. Mirar todas tus miradas y expresiones mientras juegas. Estas son las cosas que más me gustan. Eres inteligente, atento, lleno de energía y activo. Tienes un espíritu felíz, gentíl, divertido y tierno. Te amo, Danilo.

Con Amor,

Happy Mama!

Because Danny just slept through the night!

...and I'll be singing the praises of this little book...

...for many years to come!

(Seriously, they should start paying me for advertising to all of my... um... massive number of friends who might listen to me.)

This book gets a bad rap by many moms, but the principles work amazingly. It has given me so much freedom and confidence. I think the book may get a bad rap because, although it's well written, it's rather poorly organized in terms of finding issues your child might be facing at each age. I gained my understanding of the parenting philosophy from the book, but I attribute my success using it to several factors:

-I read the book before he was born. I recommend reading it with your spouse out loud and discussing it.
-Since he was born I've read and re-read and re-read and re-read certain sections of the book until I find the answers.
-I've had several friends who are moms who used the Babywise system and I asked their advice when I felt stumped. This helped a lot!
-I placed total faith in that the system does work and it's just a matter of my having diligence to figure out what any given road-bump might be.

I'll be back later today with two-month-old pictures. ;)


Soy una madre felíz... porque Danny acaba de dormir toda la noche!

...gracias al libro Babywise (foto)...
(Deberían pagarme por darles publicidad. ¡Ji ji!)
El libro explica un system buenísimo de ayudar a que su bebé organice sus horas de dormir y comer. Ultimamente, ayuda a que el bebé duerme toda la noche aproximadamente a los dos meses de edad.

¡Danilo cumplió 2 meses ayer! Regresaré más tarde con fotos del día. ;)

August 29, 2009

Danilo's favorite time to play... when we're changing his diaper! Alejandro recorded this last night.


¡A Danilo le encanta jugar... cuando estamos cambiándole el pañal! Alejandro grabó este video ayer en la noche.

August 28, 2009

Sheer Brilliance

In our house, we have a brilliant system.

The idea really came from my parents, so actually they're the brilliant ones. (Mom, Dad, bask in the glory! This is the reward for all of the rebellious teenage attitudes. You are now the smartest two people on the planet!)

This sytem involves something called "Mom's Night OFF."

Here's how our week day schedule goes:
Monday night - Dad's night off.
Tuesday night - My Mary Kay night, so Danny and Dad hang out, while Mom is out with the girls making mula.
Wednesday night - Date night.
Thursday night - Mom's night off!! (Do you hear the angels singing?)
Friday night - Family night.

(Ok, I should put Dad's Night Off in bold and underline and highlight as well. But WHOSE blog is this, anyway?)

On Mom's Night Off, I get an evening to do, well... Anything I want. No work. No diaper changes. No cooking dinner. (In fact, it's cooked for me.) No crying baby. No baby at all if I need a break. But if I want to cuddle him to my heart's content, I can! Alejandro is totally in charge. He brings Danny to me when he needs to eat and then I am free again. He does the burping, the putting to bed, the getting him up, and all! It's fabulous.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE my little boy, and I totally love spending my time with him. But I am a much better mom when I get a night off.

This I learned, because when I was a little girl, my parents had a similar rule. After 8 p.m., Mom was off duty and Dad put us to bed. It made for great Daddy-bonding time. He made a total game out of putting us to bed, and some of my favorite childhood memories were of bedtimes with Dad. It also made for a sane, happy, more rested Mom. And it also made for a household that was equally parented.

Dad's night off is equally as fabulous for him. He gets to do nothing but hole up in the garage and do, um... guy stuff - whatever that is - for a night, if he wants. So he gets his much-needed cave-time.

And the cool thing is that if we want to spend our night off with each other, we can. And often, we do. But if we don't want to, it's totally ok. In fact, often times, Alejandro will say, "Are you sure you want to do ______? Don't you want to just relax and get together with a girlfriend?" I love that my husband says this to me!

Now girls, if ya'll decide to implement this brilliant little system in your own homes, there is a catch to it. And that is that the nights that you're off and Dad's on duty and in charge, you have to let him be in charge. I found it difficult at first not to tell him that the diaper was on wrong and would surely leak. (After all, what do I care? He's the one who had to clean it up anyway. He learned just like I did.) ...and it was tough not to tell him exactly how Danny likes to be put to bed. (He figured that out too. And by the way, now Danny can be put to bed by more than just me! And in more than one way.) And when Danny cried, it was hard not to tell him why he was crying (because usually I did know) and let him figure it out. (And he did figure it out, and now knows Danny's cries and coos and noises just about as well as I do.) ...But if you can let go, I promise, it is totally worth it.

So anyway, last night, being my night off, went like this:

I made some phone calls I wanted to make and felt productive, in my pajamas. Alejandro brought Danny to me and I nursed him, in my pajamas. Then we had a delicious Costa Rican dinner, cooked by Alejandro - I was still in my pajamas. Then I blogged to my heart's content. You guessed it - in my pajamas. And finally, early to bed to cuddle with Alejandro, and have a glass of wine.

See how great this is people!?

I'm telling you. You have to try it in your house. I insist.

August 26, 2009

Danilo's First Trip to the E.R.

So, yesterday I didn't post anything because I was recovering from the fiasco that occurred Tuesday night. And all I have to say is that you all are in trouble for not warning me ahead of time.

Ok, you're not really.

But Danilo's pediatrician is. Anybody know a good pediatrician in Colorado Springs? I'm looking for a new one.

Tuesday night right after blogging that Danilo was sleeping soundly, he woke up and threw a fit. Crying. Screaming. It seemed that every touch or movement hurt him. I was distraught. After two hours of this, I finally called the "Ask a Nurse" hotline. (Something else I'm seriously considering not repeating.) She asked me what his temperature was. I took it and it was 100.0° F. You'd think a nurse would know that after 4 vaccinations for a dozen different illnesses, this is a common reaction, but apparently this nurse did not. So given how sensitive to the touch he seemed (and how freaked out I sounded) she advised us to go to the E.R. So we did - while at the same time I texted family and friends and asked for prayer - freaking everyone else out too.

Of course, as soon as we got there, he stopped screaming and turned it down to a low whimper, accompanied by that darn lower lip of his. (I so wish I'd brought the camera and gotten this whole first E.R. visit on camera. Oh well.) Then we sat in the waiting room for a half an hour next to two dozen other germy people, trying to shield Danny from the air while at the same time trying not to appear totally rude. I'm sure we failed.

Then they called us back and they took his temperature. By this time, Danny had stopped whimpering. At least when his temp registered 100.9° F the nurses didn't think I was a totally paranoyed, hyper-protective, completely inexperienced psycho first time mom. So they admitted him and we got to wait for another hour and a half to see the doctor. (Because long waits are a required part of every E.R. visit, right?) At least we got to watch "America's Got Talent." I nursed Danny and he ate voraciously.

Finally, we got to see the doctor. By this time, Danilo was pretty much back to his happy, content, cooing self. Fussing only when he was moved too much. The doctor saw him and asked us, "Why was it you brought him in?" After the obligatory lookie into his ear, listen to his heart, and poke at him in several places, he announced that our baby was just fine and that probably the fever would fade, but we should watch him closely. He said Tylenol would bring the fever down.


Next, the nurse came in to give him Tylenol and I asked if we could re-take his temperature before giving him Tylenol, since it had been an hour and a half since they first took it. It was 99.5° F. So the Tylenol was no longer needed. "Is this your first baby?" the nurse asked, failing to conceal her utter annoyance. "Yes," I nodded, while Alejandro groaned inwardly.

Then we sat for another hour while they got our discharge papers ready. What is it about discharge papers that they are so complicated and take so long to prepare, anyway? At this point, Danilo was sleeping and we were bored. So I started to pull out papers from my purse - you know - the papers from his doctor's visit earlier that day, and here is what I read:

...Uh huh. And then I read this:

Of course. Seriously, who reads large packets of paper after you're home from the doctor and your kid is screaming his head off? I'm thinking this is pertinent information that should have been pointed out to me before I left. Dontcha think?

Both of us, being beyond the point of delerium, started to giggle.

Alejandro (referring to the nurse's question about us being new parents) said, "If I wasn't a Christian, I would have said something horrible!" I lost it and laughed hysterically. Then things just got stupid silly. You know when things are so far gone that you're just slap-happy? I think the staff was ready to throw us out on the street.

Another nurse came in and asked us a number of questions. Birthday, legal name, social security number, religious preference. "Christian," I said. I almost wish I'd lied.

Finally we were on our way. While I was waiting in the entry-way and Alejandro was getting the car, a woman came waddling in (because her pregnant belly was further out than she was tall) carrying pillows, an overnight bag, and a birthing ball. She was obviously in labor.

Man, she doesn't know what she's in for! Ha ha!

So that's the story of our first E.R. visit with Danilo. Got any killer E.R. stories you'd like to share? Comment away...

August 25, 2009

Danilo's First Shots / Primeras Vacunas para Danilo

Danny had his first vaccinations today. He screamed bloody murder.

But I survived.

I even got away without shedding a tear! (Barely.) Oh, and he's doing fine too. :)

The doctor says he's growing just as he should. I think he's growing like a weed. I think our weeds are growing too fast as well. Oh wait, wrong subject. At eight weeks old, he weighs 9 lbs, 14 oz. and is 21 inches long/tall.

I got to ask lots of good questions, like...

"Why does he whack himself in the face?" "Because he's still learning spacial awareness."

"Why does his eye cry so much?" "Because he might have a clogged tear duct - here's how to clear it." (It's no big deal.)

"Why is his head oblong shaped?" "Because he always sleeps on one side dimwit. (Just kidding, she didn't really say that.) Make him sleep with his head turned the other way sometimes."

...and many other such silly questions that first-time parents ask. ;)

So now our precious bundle is cranky but sleeping soundly. See...


Danilo recibió las primeras vacunas hoy. Chilló como loco.

Pero yo sobreviví.

Aún evité de llorar. (Apenas.) ¡Ah! y Danilo está muy bien también. :)

El doctor dice que está creciendo tal como debe. Yo creo que está creciendo demasiado rápido. Ya tiene 8 semanas, y pesa 9 libras, 14 onzas. Mide 53 centímetros.

Yo pude preguntarle al doctor muchas cosas, como....

"¿Por qué él se pega con la mano?" "Porque todavía está aprendiendo ser conciente de su propio ser y el espacio alrededor."

"¿Por qué llora el ojo tanto?" "Porque puede ser que tiene el conducto lagrimal cerrado - le enseño como abrirlo." (No es gran cosa.)

"Por qué tiene la cabeza no redondo sino alargado?" "Porque siempre duerme con la cara a un solo lado, idiota. (¡Es una broma! No dijo eso.) Tiene que hacer que duerma con la cabeza a otro lado de vez en cuando."

...y muchas otras preguntas de madre-por-primera-vez. Ahora nuestro chiquillo precioso está chichoso, pero está durmiendo riquísimo al momento.

August 24, 2009

Danilo's First Camping Trip! / Acampando con Danilo

What kind of crazy parents take their 7-week-old camping!? (Apparently we do.) And what kind of crazy woman goes camping at 7 weeks post-partum?! (Oh, that would be me.)

The best part of this trip is that we decided to go camping approximately one hour before leaving to go! Yes! I have not lost my spontaneity! - therefore proving to myself that I would NOT become one of those parents that quits doing anything at all and sits at home a slave to the rigid schedule of their child. Yay!

Ok, so we were going to go for a bbq picnic up in the mountains for the afternoon. Then Alejandro pulls me close and says, "wanna' just pack the tent and stay the night?" half expecting me to say no.

"Um... sure, why not?" I said, completely suprising him.

So I packed bags for Danny and I. Look, I did SO much better than the last trip! Of course, this time it was only one night. But still.

Alejandro packed the car. And half of the things that I forgot. Like my pillow. And a bed. And the toothpaste and toothbrush. And the soap. You know. The unimportant stuff. (Jeez, I'm glad he remembered all that stuff or I'd have been miserable.)
  And soon we were off.

We got there with just enough time to set up the tent before cooking dinner. Then we settled down for the night. Toby was cozy.

Danny was cozy.

Alejandro and I froze.

But on to the fun part of the trip. Look at my little Michelin man all bundled up to hang out while we ate breakfast and enjoyed coffee...
  Seriously, there is nothing better than Costa Rican coffee by the camp fire in the crisp morning air. Ok, there are a few things that are better... Like my warm bed, pasta, a glass of wine, and an evening writing and reading blogs... But I digress.

We found the most fabulous camping spot! Actually we found it while off-roading with some friends of ours last year. It's off the beaten path, right next to a babbling brook, with plenty of shade and sunlight so you can choose if you want cool air or warm. No, I won't tell you where it is. It's mine. It's mine! Ahem. Sorry. Anyway, this is what it looks like.

Here's the view facing the opposite direction.

Toby made a bee-line for the stream. He was a blast to watch. He ferociously protected us from the squirrels wild animals.

Danny and I cuddled a lot. :)

Alejandro did manly stuff. Like break dead tree stumps for the fire. Look at the method! I'm married to MacGyver.

And build fires.

And teach Toby tricks. And feed Toby snacks.

And hang out with Danilo. What didn't he do? :)

And driving home, we saw this:

Yes, we are in the year 2009. You're not dreaming. (Although I thought I was.) Seriously, we see the best stuff on the road. Remember what we saw last weekend?

So that's what we did this weekend. What did you do?


¡Este fin de semana fuimos a acampar! Era más o menos una hora antes de salir que decidimos ir. Ibamos a ir nada más para la tarde y regresar en la noche, pero Ale sugerió quedarnos por la noche y yo le sorporendí por decir que sí.

Yo empaqué las bolsas para Danilo y yo, pero casi se me olvidó un montón de cosas... Por ejemplo la cama. Mi almohada. El cepillo de dientes. ¡Las cosas más importantes! Por dicha, Ale recordó todo. ¡Yo habría estado en problemas!

Toby (el perro) y Danilo estaban bien calientitos por la noche. Pero Ale y yo teníamos mucho frío. ¡Brrrrr! Pero bueno, sobrevivimos. ;)

En la mañana, disfrutamos café costarricense (¡que rico!) a la par de la fogata. Toby pasó mucho tiempo en el riachuelo. Yo chinié cuidé a Danilo. ;) Ale quebraba madera, cocinaba, cuidó a Toby, y cuidó a Danilo también. O sea, ¿qué no hizo Ale?

¡En ruta a la casa vimos una carreta! ¡Que risa!

¿Qué hicieron ustedes este fin de semana?

Honoring Pearce Wynston

We have some very courageous friends. Their names are Jon and Charmian. They always have a humungous smile on their face. They look for the good in every situation. They inspire and motivate others to be their best, just because of who they are. They are some of our very best friends.

This is Charmian and I on our very first adventure together, 11 years ago.

We've had many adventures since then.

This is Charmian and I the day we found out that their little boy would only be with them for a very short time. That's when we started praying that God would allow him to live long enough for them to meet face to face in this life. We started praying for just a few minutes. On July 13 at 1:26 a.m., God graciously granted them eleven.

Pearce, someday our family will spend eternity with yours. And you and Danny can run and play together, like Charmian and I dreamed that you would. That dream will come true, in the presence of our Holy Father. In the mean time, we miss you.

Charmian and Jon, thank you for the honor of being your friends and walking through this with you. You are the best parents a kid could ask for. We love you!

Tickle me Daddy!

I've got two more posts that are sure to be heading your way sometime before the night ends, so check back frequently!

...but this time, the best is FIRST!

Turn up the volume and press play on the video below. Danny let out a little squeal when his Daddy tickled him!


¡Este video lo grabamos hoy! Alejandro está dando cosquillas a Danilo. Sube el volumen y escuche... ¡Danilo chilló y sonrió!

August 23, 2009

Houston, we have contact!

The other day, Danny actually reached for something he'd spotted!  This is the first time he's done that.  He spent about half an hour in this little jungle-theme exercise gym.  He was totally enthralled! 

Here's a video of him playing:  

Now that I've figured out how to embed videos...  I promise there will be lots more to come! 

August 21, 2009

Becoming Bilingual / Un Bebé Bilingue

No, not me. This blog!

Since half of everyone I know speaks Spanish - including Alejandro's entire family - I've decided to make a concerted effort to make this child, our house, and now this blog... bilingual! (Actually I knew long ago I wanted him to be bilingual, but now I'm realizing all that it entails.)

So this morning I started with my mouth. Yes, it does take some effort to remember to speak only Spanish to Danny. Then I continued on to Danny's books.

And now I'm on to the blog. So if you start seeing Spanish translations at the bottoms of each post, now you know why!

Alrededor de la mitád de todos nuestros amigos hablan español, inclusiva la familia entera de Alejandro, he decidido hacer un esfuerzo grande de hacer que este bebé precioso, nuestra casa y este blog... ¡sea bilingue! (En realidad, siempre he querido criar a Danilo para que sea bilingue. Solo que ahora me doy cuenta todo lo que requiere de mi parte.)

Así que esta mañana empecé conmigo misma. Sí... tengo que hacer un esfuerzo para recordar hablar solamente español con Danilo. Entonces, continué con los libros de él. Y ya termino con este blog. De ahora en adelante, algunos de los artículos tendrán traducciones abajo. No prometo traducir cada uno... pero por lo menos todos los que contienen fotos de Danilo.

¡Espero que les gusta y que ayude que todos se sienten muy cerca a nosotros! ¡Siempre les llevamos en nuestros corazones!

August 20, 2009

Danilo's first road trip / Primer Viaje de Danilo

***Ver más abajo para la traducción en español: Primer Viaje de Danilo.***

This weekend, we took a road trip to Red River, NM to see this family!

WARNING - This blog is going to have a
ridiculous number of pictures in it.
They were just all too good!
And after all... this is my online scrapbook - so I think pictures are in order.

First, I had to pack. Wow, packing when you have a little one takes on a whole new meaning.

Especially when packing cloth diapers. Stay tuned for how the cloth diapering is going… Preview: I LOVE it! But there is only one downfall, and that is the bulk. His tooshie is a little bulkier with the cloth diapers. Traveling with them isn’t difficult, so long as you have access to a washing machine wherever you’re going, except that 24 cloth diapers take up way more space than 24 disposables. If we were going to Disneyworld I would definitely travel with disposables. Not that we’re really thinking of going to Disneyworld anytime soon! :( But back to the subject.

Next, we got on the road…
See how excited Danilo is to be on the road? Don't worry. He settled down as soon as we got moving.

The funniest picture never got taken. We were driving along the highway and we passed an old white van going very slowly. In the back window, installed with duct tape and bungee cords, was a window air conditioning unit …you know, the ones that go in houses! I almost peed. Ok, not really. But it was pretty funny.

We arrived after their kids were already passed out. We slept up in the loft, where we had a view down into the kiddos' room. Check out these two! Really, how does one sleep with another's foot planted on their cheek?
We did lots of hanging out and resting. I am not in hardly any pictures because, well, I spent virtually the entire weekend in pajamas. Ha!
Toby (our dog) got LOTS of attention! Particularly from Bay Bit!
Alejandro and Papa Bear went and tasted chili at the town Chili Cook-off, while Kingdom Mama and I hung out with the kiddos and… well, we talked. And blogged. And talked some more. :) It was fabulous.

Danny had his first (and certainly not last) oatmeal bath. Yes, that is the kitchen sink. And yes, that is a popcorn bowl. Yes, he still fits. :)
We even got Danny's smile on camera for the first time! (Although I'm still waiting to catch the one that looks like he's about to squeal!)
Sunday morning, Kingdom Mama made the most amazing home-made chocolate doughnuts! Every, ahem, kid had chocolate on them!

Sunday afternoon we all went for a walk into town.

We took the kids to play at, not one, but two parks...

...and ended the day with ice cream for everyone!

I think you missed some, Little Prince!

All in all, we had an AMAZING time! Thanks guys, for hosting our four-some for the weekend! Sometime, we'll have to return the favor!


¡Este fin de semana, fuimos a Red River, Nuevo México, para visitar a esta familia!

¡Primero, tuve que empacar! ¡Wow! Empacar para un viaje con un bebé es mucho más difícil. Especialmente con pañales de tela. Me gusta mucho usar pañales de tela, pero hay una desventaja: toman mucho más espacio.

Después, empezamos a manejar... (primera foto)

¿Ven que emocionado está Danilo? No se preocupen. Se calmó ya cuando empezamos a manejar.

La mejor foto no se puedo sacar. Estabamos manejando por la autopista y pasamos un van blanco muy viejo. En la ventana atrás, habían instalado una maquina de aire acondicionado. ¡Eran uno de los que se usan en casas! ¡Que risa me dió!

Llegamos a la casa de nuestros amigos después de que los niños se habían acostado. Alejandro y yo dormimos en el tercer piso con vista hacia abajo al cuarto de los niños.

(segundo foto) ¡¿Cómo se puede dormir con la pata en la cara?!

Pasamos mucho tiempo relajando. Casi no salgo en ninguna foto porque pasé casi todo el fin de semana en mis pijamas. ¡Ja! (fotos de todos dormidos)

Toby - nuestro perro - recibió mucha atención, especialmente de la chiquilla menor. (fotos del perro)

Bañé a Danilo en un tazón con avena y agua. (Foto de Danilo en la pila en un tazon verde.) ¡Que suavecita se quedó la piel!

¡Aún logramos a captar la sonrisa de mi bebé precioso en unas fotos!

El domingo, mi amiga cocinó donas de chocolate. ¡Todos los niños tuvieron chocolate en la cara!

El domingo, fuimos a caminar por el pueblo. Llevamos los niños a dos parques. Terminamos el día comiendo helados.

¡Al final de todo disfrutamos muchísimo el fin de semana!