November 30, 2009

Danny's Five Months Old

Danilo Cumple 5 Meses Hoy

My Punkin' you are five months old today.

There are so many things I want to tell you. So many things I want you to know and remember. But these moments, while you are small, are for my cherishing, not yours.

Some day, kiddo, you'll look back at these pictures and read these words. I hope you get some small inkling of how much I love you. There is no tank in the whole world that could hold the flood of love I have for you. Sometimes I love you so much it seems like it physically hurts.

Baby, you are so much fun! You have this laugh that lights up the room. Almost everyone who meets you says, "Hello, Mr. Smiley!" You deny no one a smile, and it brings so much brightness into the lives you touch, even at five little months old.

Your giggle is absolutely contagious. If this is just a taste of how the Father loves us so, well, we will just burst when we get to heaven for being loved so much. My little Bugaboo, I feel as though I could just burst right now.

You are attentive and focused. You concentrate with all your might on whatever you are doing. You are friendly and daring. Not afraid to reach out and touch something new, meet someone new, try something new, say something new.

You google and talk, and when you are in a particular mood, you have a sing songy babble that you share with everyone.

You wake up just like me. Slowly and moodily. But once the groggines fades and you're ready to be awake, you greet me and the day with a gregarious smile, as if to say, "I've been waiting for you! Hurry, now we can have a most wonderful day together!"

You are easy going and patient.

Well, most of the time.

My favorite times are... well, all of them! Cuddling with you first thing in the morning when we are both groggy. When you are trying new moves and words. Playtime. Eating time. Naptime. When you are sleepy and cuddly and you bury your face in my neck as if you're giving me a big little bear hug.

I love you my little one.

Happy Five Month Birthday!

November 24, 2009

San Diego Trip - Day 2 & 3

So much has happened in the last couple days, it's hard to keep up! But here are some of the things we've been doing since Sunday...
Isn't that just the best!? The beach was sunny but a little cool... And absolutely gorgeous.
Danny didn't actually stay happy for very long, since he was tired and cold. But we enjoyed it while it lasted.
He wasn't too sure what to think of the sand. Hopefully we can get in another trip this week and he can decide for sure... Because if this kid doesn't like the beach, we may have a um, problem.
On the other hand...
...He does love him some of Grandpa's beard!

After cleaning up and heading back to my Dad's house, we got together with my grandmother and went out to dinner. This is Namas meeting her great-grand son!
We went to Nicolosi's, where my sister has worked for hte last several years. Sadly, it's closing, and Sunday was their last night open.

It was a special occasion for us with four generations around the table.
The food was deeeeeelicous! As you can see.
And last... the four-generation picture!
And a goofy one for good measure!Then yesterday, started the preparations for Mom's wedding.
Anne, Mom and I endeavored to find beautiful flowers for her to carry...
Anne's really the master on that one!
Finally, yesterday afternoon my friend, Michelle, came down from Orange County and we hung out! It had been several years since we'd seen eachother, so we had some good girlfriend hang-out time! Man, I miss that! Thanks, Michelle, for coming!!!

Around mid-afternoon, we headed to Target and left all four children with my husband. About an hour later, he called me up, frantic... One of Michelle's daughters had gone potty and needed some help. I laughed hysterically as Michelle proceeded to have this conversation with her oldest daughter over the phone in a loud voice in the middle of Target:
"Kennedy, please wipe Kendall's butt for her!"
"Just wipe her but a little with toilet paper and I'll get the rest of it when I get home."
"No... just wipe her butt a little."
"Ok, put her on..."
"Kendall, please let Kennedy wipe your butt! And I'll finish it when I get home with a wipey."
"...No, you need to let her wipe your butt!"
I almost. Died. Laughing.
Here are the four kids hangin' with Grandpa and Grandma Jeanne later that night.

I'll be back later! We're about to go get Rubios fish tacos and go to Sea Port Village!

My Very First Blog Contest

This was just too good!

What quote would you give this picture?!

My favorite quote will get a prize in the mail!

No, I'm not telling you what the prize is!
No, that is certainly not because I have no idea what the prize will be yet! ;)

You've got until tomorrow - or whenever I get around to blogging next -
to enter!

In order to enter, leave your quote in the comments section of this post.

Have fun!

November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving Trip to San Diego - Day 1

Hi everyone!

Well, the reason I've been a little absent around here is because our house was a flurry of preparation for our Thanksgiving trip!

And now we're here!

"Where??" you say...

We're in San Diego!

This is where I grew up, so we're back! It's going to be a busy week. My Mom's gettin' married. Danny's gettin' to know his Grandpa and his Grandma Jeanne. He had a first plane ride, oh and you know, turkey...

Actually, let me catch you up on the past few days, before I show all the fun pictures from yesterday. Danny had quite an eventful week with several firsts. He had his second set of vaccinations. This experience was much better than last time.

He also grabbed his toes for the first time (at least the first time that I saw - apparently he's done it several times and I just didn't realize it, according to my husband).

And on Friday night, he immitated Uncle Matt and Aunt Melissa in the famous "SO BIG" game! Here's a not so successful picture of it.
Well, Matt and Melissa did very well, you see... But Danny was camera shy. ;)

Wait, who's that lady with the cute short hair-cut cooking at the stove?

Why, that's me!

Yes... This mommy was feeling a strong need for a new look. Sometimes, you gotta' just do something so you feel pretty again.

Anyway, back to the real thing I'm writing about today... our day yesterday! Here we are on the first plane trip from Colorado Springs to Denver.

As you can see, Danilo is out like a light! That's pretty much how he spent the entirety of both plane trips. Yay!

We had a bit of a delay due to mechanical problems on the plane we were supposed to get on. Fortunately they got us a new plane. Because who wants to get on a plane right after they tell you there were mechanical problems, right? So we were a bit delayed getting in to San Diego. While we waited, Danny practiced his own mechanic skills.

Finally, we landed in San Diego, got out into the fresh San Diego oceany air and called my Dad too tell him we are here!
Oh, by the way, this is my new Ergo Baby Carrier. I do SO love it!
Hangin' at the curb, waitin' for my Dad and his new wife, Jeanne... (I really need to introduce you all to her. Soon to come...)
Modeling the cool hat from his Grammy...
And finally... Grandpa, meet Danny! Danny, meet your Grandpa!
Grandma Jeanne, meet Danny! Danny, meet Grandma Jeanne!
Back at the house, hangin' out...

And here are Grandpa and Danny taking some time to get to know eachother...


And there you have day 1!

Stay tuned, because today we're going to the beach!

Bootie Model

This kid is so cute, he could be a bootie model!
No, not a booty model.
Come on, people. What kind of mother do you take me for?!
Ahem. A bootie model.
A few days ago, my mom sent me the funnest package in the mail!
And now, Danny's tootsies are warm. :)
And he's happy!

Thanks, Mom!