April 30, 2010


Freddy came out of surgery and is doing well. :) Yay! He's a tough one! I wish I had more details to share. I'll let you know when I know more.

As for me, things aren't quite official yet, but blessings are flooding my way! For now I'll just say I have the most incredible team of women a girl could ask for! :) Wow, you gals really came through! I just need to sell a bit more product tomorrow to finish up this month's goals. Anybody need to stock up on mascara or facial cleanser? ;)

Nighty night everybody!

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April 29, 2010

Freddy Update

Please pray for Freddy, my father-in-law, as he is in surgery right now, having fluid removed from his lungs.  Since I last wrote, he was released from the hospital but was only home a few days before returning due to difficulty breathing as a result of the fluid.  He has not been able to make any more progress with his colon cancer (he needs a second surgery) because his body has been too weak to handle it and he's dealing with the problem in his lungs.  Thank you all for your support!  Please pray God would open his heart and that he would receive Jesus as his Savior. 

In Him,


Our Thursday Morning

This morning at 5 a.m. when Danny woke up crying for the second time last night - yes 5a.m. IS still the middle of the night silly - I nudged my sleepy husband telling him it was his turn and didn't argue when he crawled into bed with our fussy almost ten-month-old.

And because Danny wanted to PLAY instead of SLEEP, I am also am not arguing NOW when he still wants to snooze even though it's past 8a.m. And since he's snoozing and I woke first, I've gotten to watch him wake up slowly and it's cracking me up because he is Just. Like. His. Mother! Ha!

He's been at it for about 15 minutes now. He stretches. He turns. His eyes open and close. Then back to sleep for a few minutes. Then a yawn, a rub of the eyes, a groan, and back to sleep again. He smiles and coughs and peeps at me, but then covers his face and hides back in dreamland.

School mornings when he's 13 are going to be FUN. Or not.

Haha! He just opened his eyes completely, looked over at me and gave me a funny half-smile. And (like his Mama) is totally content to hang out in bed for a few more minutes.

On an entirely different note, my blog has been full of these posts from my phone recently because I've been a teensy bit busy in my Mary Kay business. I'm ecstatic to tell you all that I'm milimeters from my goal of going "on target" to earn the use of a Mary Kay car AND to enter the program to become a director. (I wrote about it back in March - I'm sorry I can't insert page links from my phone.) I'm hoping to let ya'll know later today that it's official.

Well, Danny is about done with his breakfast in bed, and since mine isn't lying next to me, I better sign off and take my growling tummy downstairs. I'll be back soon with the official news, and with great pictures of a visit from Grammy this weekend.


April 27, 2010



Nap Time. And Faith Like a Child.

Children live every moment to the fullest. Have you ever noticed that? I think that's why they are so endearing to watch. There is a mesmerizing presence about them as they spend each minute fully present to their current activity, leaving all their cares and concerns for when they present themselves.

When Danny plays he focuses the entirety of his being on the ball he's rolling. He's completely delighted when he can make it bounce across the floor and when it's out of reach, nothing could stop him from the work needed to stretch out and get it. When he's eating, you'd think he were enjoying an award winning 5 star meal, instead of his mashed bananas and pureed spagetti. When his Papa picks him up, he is utterly delighted and envelops himself in his Daddy's strong arms. A hug is the only thing on his mind. And when it's time to sleep, he sleeps in total relaxation, with no worries about anything else. His body is totally limp and he rests peacefully.

I wish I were more like that. When I am playing, my mind is often on the work that is left undone. When I'm working, I get distracted by what we'll eat for dinner. When I'm with my husband, it's often a struggle not to concern myself with the family finances or my job as Mama. And when I try to sleep, all these other things are on my mind, keeping me from resting peacefully.

Granted I am an adult, with much more responsibility than my almost ten-month-old son. But somehow I have a feeling that Jesus lived with the same fully-present-to-the-moment concentration and passion that children do. I bet he was fascinating to watch for that reason. Maybe that's what he meant by, "Have faith like a child."

To a certain extent, systems and organization and planning help us to be present to the moment, for they help us to get things done and off of our mind. But I think mostly, living in a way that's fully present to the moment is a matter of intentionality and choice. And prayer. Mostly prayer.

Lord, teach me this child-like faith. Help me to give my cares and worries to you and to trust you for my every need. Thank you for the most incredible blessing of my son, who helps me to know you so much better. Give him sweet dreams as he rests. Amen.

April 26, 2010

Afternoon Snack

Bread and strawberries... Yummmmmm!

April 25, 2010

The view from down here...

...is pretty cute!

El punto de vista desde acá esta precioso.

April 24, 2010

Last weekend...

Last weekend was a special weekend, because my Grandpa and my Grandma Jeanne came into town! 


We did all kinds of great stuff!  Like going to Garden of the Gods!

And trying saltine crackers for the first time!
Grandpa taught me IN and OUT.  And how to play drums with my plastic hammer.


And he taught me some praise songs my Mama used to sing when she was a little girl.  I was a lot more thrilled than it looks in the picture.  I promise!

Grandma Jeanne taught me how to make my voice sound different when I talk into a cup.

We visited Pam and Jim's house in Monument.


Toby and my Dad made friends. 
We took lots of walks.
And pretty much I was a happy kiddo ALL weekend long! 


Ya know... cause Grandpa and Grandma Jeanna were in town! 
Ya'll come back soon now, ya' hear?!

April 22, 2010

Spring-Time Fun!

Three boys watching the hail-storm out our back door like a movie... I don't know which view is better - the storm or the three of them!

¡Disfrutando la Primavera!
Los tres hombres mirando la tormenta por medio de nuestra puerta corrediza como si fuera una película... No sé cual vista es la más linda - la de ellos o la de la tormenta.

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April 21, 2010

Can't figure out how the balls go in Mama...

...so I'm making mechanical repairs.

Mama, no puedo averiguar como meter las bolas, asÍ que estoy reparando las partes mecánicas.

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April 20, 2010

It's part II of our...

If I had to pick one single all-time favorite blog... well, this one would be it. 

Her story surpasses that of any other blog I've ever read.  Her age, her courage, her determination, her passion, and her bull-dog stubborn refusal to relent Challenge. Me. To. The. Core. 

Katie is 20 years old.  She has lived in Uganda for several years now.  She dreamed up and started her own non-profit ministry through which she feeds and helps to provide schooling for hundreds of Ugandan children daily. 


And as if that weren't enough - because in her eyes it isn't - she has adopted and is a single mother to 14 beautiful girls. 

You really gotta' meet them all individually, though, so take a minute and peer into the shining eyes of each of them right here

Katie writes on her blog only every one to three weeks because she's kind of, um - busy.  As you can imagine.  But when she does write, I am amazed at the talent God has gifted her with and her ability to cut to the heart of the issue and challenge me to really think about how I live life and if I really love people around me or if I just think I do in my American middle-class rich protected cushy soft easy and convenient sort of way. 

I've wanted to get involved and draw together as a blog community to support Katie and her babies for a while... and then Sarah came up with her brilliant Love-A-Thon idea last month.  (I still just think it's SO cool how a bunch of mommy bloggers came up with $2400 in a couple of weeks to help Ellyn keep her house!)

So anyhow, this month we're raising $1,000 to send to Amazima Ministries.  Since 42 cents provides a Ugandan child with 3 meals, I'm excited about the BIG impact we're going to have!  There are ten days left in the month.  Please consider giving to Amazima Ministries! 

Official Love-A-Thon rules:

1. One donation entitles you to enter any and all of that month's Love-a-thon giveaways.  You enter by commenting, so be sure to comment here (without your gift amount) and check MckLinky on Sarah's blog for all of the giveaway posts.

2. $1 is as important as $100; we think that everyone should be able to get involved. Check your heart instead of looking around the room; it's the attitude of the giver that counts!

3. Have fun!

Wanna know what I'm giving away?  My husband - who aside from being the love of my life is also an amazingly creative guy - carved and stained this beautiful wooden cross.  It is 6.25 inches tall, 4.5 inches wide and has a nail-hole in the back to easily hang in your home.  I wanted to wait for a really special occasion to give it away.  I can't think of a more worthy cause than Katie and Amazima Ministries. 


April 19, 2010

Memory Lane Monday




This weekend we've been spending time with my Dad and his new wife, Jeanne, getting to know eachother better and hangin' out with our little bundle-of-energy almost-10-month-old.  It's been lots of fun and of course, as it goes when grandparents and grandbabies get together, a walk down memory lane is bound to occur.  There have been several such "strolls" this weekend, so I was inspired to start a new series of posts.  It's called Memory Lane Monday.  A chance for me to post and electronically scrap-book some photos from the past.  You'll get to read stories from our dating era, our childhood, and in between... and of course, embarrassing baby photos are sure to appear... 

Like this one! 

Yep, that's me on the right.  And the star on the left?  Well, I'll let her decide if she wants to stake her claim to fame.  ;)  And don't any of you who know her go ruining it for her!  Ha! 

Each week I'll post Memory Lane Monday under its chronological date, and then let you know at the top of my blog with a link that a new Memory Lane Monday has posted.  Here, try it.  Just click here to view the post with its date from...  well, you have to click and go look! 

If anyone's interested in joining in the fun, let me know in the comments' section and I'll put up a MckLinky so you can post your own Memory Lane Monday. 

Thanks, Mom, for finding this one for me! 

I'll be back before too long with photos from this weekend! 



Este fin de semana, hemos estado pasando tiempo con mi padre y la nueva esposa - Jeanne.  Hemos podido conocernos más y pasar mucho tiempo con Danilo.  Hemos disfrutado mucho y por supuesto, como es cuando estamos con abuelos y nietos, hablamos de memorias de cuando era niña. 

Praying for Matthew

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know we've been...

for a ... long...  long... long... long... time!

Well guess what!?

Lori and Troy, I couldn't be more excited for you!! 

April 14, 2010

A Recap of Job - Part 1

We're reading through the Bible in a year... together!
We'd love for you to join us! Find out all the information by just clicking here:

184x184 biblia sidebar button

A week or so ago - back when we were in Job - one of you mentioned you were having a bit of trouble following what was going on with Job and his buddies  criticizing friends criticizers.  I have to admit...  their monologues are so long that I too had trouble keeping up.  I decided to let myself fall behind a couple of days and take the time to go back and summarize each chapter.  It's really helped me get it.  Below is what I have come up with so far. 

So bear with me  for a few days as I work to catch up with you all...  We should actually be back in Genesis, reading chapters 19 - 21. 

Now that we're a good 18 days into this, I'm sure God's been starting to share with you from the scriptures in Genesis and Job.  Would you share?  Thanks to Kristen, Cilla, Courtney and JD for linking up with us!  Ya'll have no idea how much of an encouragement it is to me when you do so! 

Here's a recap of the first half of Job:
numbered by chapter

Oh, I almost forgot!  I'm reading the New Living Translation.  I love that we're all reading different translations so we're probably getting different takes on it - all the more reason to share!!  :) 

1. There once was a man named Job... He was rich in all aspects - financially, spiritually, family, he had it all. He was blameless—a man of complete integrity. The heavenly court was meeting and Satan said, “Dude! Job is only blameless cuz he's got it all!” God said, “fine. Test him. But don't harm him physically.” In one day, Satan wiped out everything Job had. But Job never sinned by blaming God.
2. Back in the heavenly court, Satan said, “Job is only sinless because you haven’t touched his body.” God said, “fine. Test him. But spare his life.” Satan made Job REALLY sick. Job’s three friends showed up to encourage him.
3. Job stayed silent for a long time. Then finally, he spoke: “I wish I’d never been born.“
4. Eliphaz said, “I the past, you used to be the one encouraging others. Have hope in your life of integrity. I had a vision – no one is without sin…”
5. “…Go to God and ask Him what you’ve done wrong. He disciplines and heals those he loves.”
6. Job : “I spoke impulsively because he I’m really suffering. You have given me no help. Show me what I’ve done wrong and I’ll admit it. I’m all ears! You’ve got nothin’! I’ve done nothing wrong!...”
7. “…I’m sufferin’ here. I’ve gotta’ complain! I can’t handle this! God if I’ve sinned, what have I done?”
8. Bildad spoke: “How long will you rant and rave? Your children must’ve done something wrong, then. Ask forgiveness and surely He’ll restore you. Our wisdom is nothing compared to God’s, so seek his forgiveness. The Godless will be rejected by Him, but if you have integrity, he will receive you and restore you. “
9. Job spoke: “Ok, true story, in principle. He is the almighty. And who am I to question Him? But even though I’m innocent, simply by going to God, I declare myself guilty. God is not mortal so I can’t go to Him and question Him…”
10. “…I’m disgusted with my life and I just want to complain. God, why do you reject me? You know I’m not guilty, but you are the only one who can save me. Why? Why? Why!?!”
11. Zophar spoke: “You aren’t innocent just because you keep saying so. Repent and be forgiven!”
12. Job spoke: “You people really know everything don’t you!? (He gets sarcastic.) Easy for you to say all this. You’re not the one who’s sick! Older, experienced men have wisdom, but the true wisdom is God’s. We’re all fools compared to Him…”
13. “…None of you know anymore than I do. I’ll take up my case with God himself. You all smear me with lies and you are poor drs to help me with my physical condition. May God do with me what he will. Lord, answer me. Why are you doing this?...”
14. “…Our lives are short. Must mine be miserable? Let me die again. You could wipe away my sin and make me well…”
15. Eliphaz spoke: “You are full of a bunch of useless words. If you were wise, like you say, you’d be quiet. You contradict yourself.” He talks about characteristics of lives of wicked people.
16. Job spoke: “I have heard this all before and it’s not helping! I need encouragement, not criticism!” Goes on and on about how plight.
17. Job goes on about his plight and how he’s lost hope.
18. Bildad spoke: “How long do we have to listen to this? Do you think we are stupid?” Talks about the wise vs. the wicked.
19. Job spoke: “How long do I have to listen you all? Even if I have sinned, that’s my concern, not yours. You think you’re better than I am. God has demolished me and my family has forgotten me. My friends hate me and you all are just persecuting me more. And yet, I know that my Redeemer lives and he will stand upon the earth at last. After my body dies, I will see God! How dare you persecute me! You will be punished for it.
20. Zophar spoke: “We have endured your insults and my spirit (lower case) prompts me to reply. The triumph of the wicked is short-lived. It’s fun at first, but it doesn’t last. They are punished before long.”
21. Job spoke: “If nothing else, will you listen to what I am saying? Then you can keep mocking me. My complaint is with God, not evil people. Look at me and be shocked. People and animals all around me are blessed and yet my family has been wiped out before me. I know you’ll tell me that those wicked rich people eventually are punished. But I see them prosper! All your explanations are lies!”
22. Eliphaz spoke: “It’s to now benefit to God for you to be blameless. So you may as well see and admit that you are guilty. You must have done something!” He goes on about what that sin could possibly be, as if he’s trying to help him think of what it is.

P.S.  Don't forget about our YouVerson Group.  See what verses others have tagged and bookmarked!  Love it!! 

MckLinky guidelines to keep remember:
-Please provide the url for the Mi Querida Biblia post specifically, not your blog home page. That way it's easy to find.
-Make sure to grab the Mi Querida Biblia button to put somewhere in your post.
-Please only link posts that are related to the Mi Querida Bibla scripture reading.

April 11, 2010

Wow do I love warm weather!

¡Cómo me encanta la primavera!

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April 10, 2010


"Hey look Mom! Squishin' tomatoes is way more fun than eating them!"



"¡Mira Mami! ¡Estripar tomates es mucho más divertido que comerlos!"

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End-of-the-Walk Snooze

Una siestita al final de caminar...

Done with our walk!

¡Terminamos de caminar!

Spring Time Walk

Un camino por la primavera...

April 9, 2010

Need a Little Laugh Today?

¿Necesita Tomar Un Rato Para Reir?

I promise this won't disappoint you!

¡Les prometo que esto no les decepciona!

Want a little more?  I thought so.   Here you go. 

¿Quieren ver más?  Pensé que sí.  Aquí está. 

Ya'll have GOT to check this out!

I got a little side-tracked from posting the video of Danny giggling...  I'm having trouble uploading.  :( 

But in the mean time you have just GOT to go to

and see what she's doing!  Donate to Compassion International and get entered in to win an ipad!  Now 'till midnight (eastern time).  Do you know that over $20,000 has been donated in the last 24 hours!?  Amazing!!

mi querida biblia - we are ALL behind

so i was chatting with my friend, Melissa, the other night about "mi querida biblia" and she was confessing to me that she's only on day 3.  and she was telling me how she thinks she's the only person who's on day 3. 

do ya'll even know how many of you are feeling bummed and defeated because you're so behind already? 

um, yeah... 

like, all of you! 

so here's the deal:  the point of reading through the bible in a year together is eventually to have really meaningful discussion about what we read and all that jazz...  but the thing is that the first month is really just about establishing the habit. 

that's really the whole point

so we all need to just leave behind the myth that we're going to be caught up all the time.  that would be kind of like expecting to give my life to the lord tomorrow and then live the rest of my earthly life without sin.  um...  can't happen.  sure, eventually you learn to live and more and more holy life, but it takes time.  kind of like i was talking about here

i'll let you in on a little secret - i'm behind too!!

so let's back way up and talk about establishing the habit and how to do that. 

the very best way i've learned about how to establish a great habit is to couple it with another habit that is already established in your life. 

let me give you an example.  a while ago i learned about a 5-minute training hotline for me to call in and listen to every day, but i could not - to save my life - remember to call it.  so i picked something else in my day that i do without fail and decided to latch the new habit onto the old one.  i picked brushing my teeth, because i never forget to do that.  then i put a post-it note that said "hotline" on my bathroom mirror just behind my tooth-brush holder.  that way, whenever i grabbed my tooth brush, i also grabbed my phone, pressed dial and turned on the speaker.  by latching the old habit onto the new one, i was able to establish the new habit.  sooner or later the new habit became so automatic that i didn't need the reminder, and the post-it note was tossed into the trash can. 

here's another example:  i was trying to remember to read a children's book of proverbs with my son every day.  try as i might, i couldn't remember to pull out the book.  so i used my old trick of coupling the new habit with an old one.  i always nurse my son, first thing in the morning in the same chair in the office.  so i put the book on the side-desk right next to that chair.  i also put a post-it note (they're my favorite) that said "proverbs" on the edge of the desk facing me while i nurse.  that way, every morning after nursing him, when i was already in the cuddly mood, we could just sit a bit longer and read from the children's proverbs book.  it worked brilliantly! 

ok so now let's apply this to "mi querida biblia."  what do you do every day without fail? 

do you make coffee every morning?  set the coffee pot to turn on 10 minute earlier and leave your bible next to the pot.  download the youversion app to our phone so you can check off the readings right from your phone. 

do you plop into a certain chair right after work?  put your bible and a post-it note there. 

do you take a coffee break at work at the same time?  set a reminder on your phone and take your bible to work with you. 

do you nurse your baby same time every day?  i do.  i read my bible readings from my youversion app on my phone and check it off then and there.  you can even tweet the daily reading from the youversion app on your phone.  follow me and you'll see. 

do you eat breakfast each morning in the same place?  do you veg out on the couch each night before bed?  do you take the same subway home each day? do you check the weather each morning? 

the possibilities are endless.  just pick one old habit and latch the new one onto it. 

right now.

i mean it.  yep.  right this moment.  pick the activity you're going to latch the new bible-reading habit onto.  got it?  now stop reading this blog for a moment.  i mean it.  stop reading and go put the post-it note and the bible in the new place so you'll remember.  go ahead.  i'll wait here. 

see how easy that was?

ok now, just do one day's reading and call it a victory.  yes, just one day.  i don't care if you're on day one.  read day one and call it a victory.  leave day two for tomorrow.  as long as you do just one day each day, then you'll be on your way. 

ok, last thing.  everybody leave a comment and tell me what day you're on.  yes, i mean it. 


no, this is not the newest form of torture.  it's becuase you all think you're the only one behind and i guarantee you're all about to see that most of you are behind.  i know this, because you've all told me this independently. 

there, see?  that wasn't so bad.  :) 

184x184 biblia sidebar button

p.s.  i'll be back later with a phenomenal video of my son giggling.  it is seriously the best.  you gotta' come back. 

and then i'll post about what we've been reading in the book of job. 

see you soon!!

April 7, 2010

Freddy and Rachel

I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart, for praying for Freddy and Rachel.  Tonight, I find myself in a mix of emotions.  Utter joy for a miracle in Rachel's life.  Broken and hurting for the pain that Freddy is in. 

Rachel had an anneurysm.  She was admitted to the hospital for emergency surgery because there was a massive clot just behind her corotid artery.  A surgery such as this is extremely complicated.  Many who undergo this type of surgery have extensive recovery and are paralyzed, permanently disabled, have to learn to speak again, slip into a coma, or worse.  At the very least, they usually have to go through physical therapy and have a long recovery.  Rachel was talking, laughing, and joking the morning after her surgery.  She went shopping the next day. 

If I ever had any doubt about the power of prayer, even among those who are far away and don't even know eachother, I'll never doubt again. 

Thank you for interceding on her behalf!  Rachel's family's faith has been strengthened.  Their eyes have been opened to the power of God in their life in a new way.  And Adria (my good friend and Rachel's grandaughter) has learned how to ask God for the desires of her heart!  Wow!  What a pleasure to be a part of it. 

Freddy is still in the hospital.  He seems to be deteriorating and the family is struggling to know what to do next.  He now has fluid in his lungs, and the doctors are doubtful that it is water.  Tomorrow more tests will be done to find out if the fluid is cancerous.  Fanny (his wife, Alejandro's mom) spends a lot of time at the hospital caring for him, bathing him, helping him to the bathroom, etc.  She has spent many nights in the hospital, sleeping in an uncomfortable chair if at all.  Freddy is experiencing more and more pain. 

Over the weekend Fanny was helping him in the bathroom and he collapsed on top of her.  They lay there in the bathroom and Fanny yelled for some time until nurses responded.  It was not the immediate response time we are blessed with in our hospitals here in the United States.  She is exhausted and burdened.  On top of that, Freddy is grumpy and impatient (as very sick patients often are) and is not fighting very hard for his own health.  The doctors have told the family that no one can stay the night anymore and that Freddy needs to learn to ask for help himself and speak up about his needs.  This is a good thing. 

Meanwhile, Alejandro and I are praying hard about how to best help from 2,000 miles away.  Is it wiser to send money, to help alleviate the financial burden?  Or is it time to consider hopping on a plane?  Please pray for us as we weigh the options and try our best to follow God's leading.  Please pray especially for Alejandro.  He is exhausted, burdened, heavy-hearted and hurting.  Pray that he would hear God clearly about what to do and that he would be encouraged by the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit.  Please pray hardest of all for Freddy's heart to be softened to Jesus...  for him to realize that it's not too late to turn his life around and to surrender to his Savior. 

Thank you for helping to carry our burden.  We (Alejandro and I) are incredibly thankful for you all. 


April 6, 2010

9 Months

Dear Danilo,

A week ago you turned 9 months old! Yay! - Yay for you and for your new favorite word: "yay!" You clap to it, jump to it, giggle when we say it to you, and yesterday you even started to try to say it yourself!
510 wide
You are up to all kinds of new stuff lately...

You love to play with plastic balls. You grab two balls in your hands and clap them together because you like the noise. On the 15th you grabbed a red ball in your right hand, but you couldn't reach the blue ball with your left hand. So you used the red ball to push the blue ball over so you could reach it with your other hand. So smart!

510 wide

At the beginning of March, you would try to pick up some small items (like the end of the pacifier or the diamond on my wedding ring) using your thumb and forefinger. You did it first with your right hand, so I wonder if you'll be right-handed. Now you pick up cheerios that way and can get them into your mouth, although by the time they get there, they're awfully soggy!


A week or so ago, I sang a tune using the syllable "mimimimi" and you tried to imitate me, only it came out "memememe" and much slower.

You shake your head and wave your hands. All. The. Time. And you think it's hilarious.


At the beginning of March, you clapped your hands on items (like on my hands) to make noise, and when I clapped your hands together, it made you laugh. Papa taught you how to clap your own hands together this month and I can't tell who is prouder - you or him! Now you clap often. You also wave "adios." Not just to me and Papa, but to all kinds of people.


You are finally pretty comfortable if I put you on your hands and knees and a week and a half ago, you even rocked back and forth a bit. You can lift up one hand without falling sideways, but only for a moment.

9 months

Of course, climbing up me is another story.  You'd do that all day long!

9 months

You still have hardly any hair.  You don't even have the mullet you had when you were two months old.  You're around 25 inches long.  You spent the majority of the month of March sick.  We learned from the experience that you love Amoxicillin and would survive on it alone if we let you.  We also learned what it's like for the whole family to pass around the same disease multiple times. 

We learned that's not very fun.

On March 28th, you weighed 15 lbs (6.8 kilos). You're still a small little goober, but it certainly doesn't hold you back. 

Here you are, talking to your Abuela.  This picture cracks me up!  It looks like she's telling you a real nail-biter!


You do not like to play where you feel you're alone. This makes it difficult for me to get a shower. So the other day I grabbed the bumbo seat and we hopped into the shower together. You adore water, so you were thrilled at this idea. I think this just may become a daily ritual.

You learned that you love to bounce in the Valente's excer-saucer and now you try to bounce in every seat you're in.  Even the seat of your pants.  Even if it doesn't bounce.

510 wide

Baby, I'm so proud of you.  Every day I look at you, you look more like a toddler and in three short months, you'll leave the baby stage behind officially.  You'll always be my baby, though.  You make my heart melt and soar at the same time.  You teach me about Jesus and help me know my Heavenly Father's heart.  You are a joy to have and I love you to pieces.  Even when you do sneeze squash all over me. 

Happy 9 months old, Punkin! 



9 Meses

Querido Danilo,

¡Hace una semana, cupliste 9 meses!  ¡Eeeeh!  - ¡Felicidades para ti y para tu nueva palabra favorita:  "Eeeeh"  Aplaudes cuando la oyes, te ríes cuando la oyes, y ayer intentaste decir la palabra ¡Eeeeh!