February 27, 2011

Chat with Mckmama & Garmaam

Well last night's call and potluck ended up being a very small gathering, as the short notice and snow deterred many from coming.  But since I know many of you wanted to be here, I thought I'd share!  We video recorded the live video call for you all to see

First, there was food.  Yummy food!  Cake and fettuccine Alfredo and tortilla chips and guacamole and salsa.  (Ya'll know food is definitely my soft spot.)

Then we talked about (what else?) blogging and shared tips and tricks as we set up the computer and video camera and figured out the right angle and all.

Christy brought the cake and her two kids and took all the great pictures.  Sarah came over right from work and joined in.  Then we got silly and nervous and giggly as we readied ourselves to get online.  I'm super glad I recorded it because I was so excited and nervous that I didn't remember a lot of it until I replayed it and watched it a couple of times.

As you play the video below, there are several times we ended up talking over each other because of the delay, so pardon the interruptions.  Also, the connection ended up being too slow to do a conference call with  Mckmama, the three other chosen sponsors, and us.  So she, the GHNI team and the Garmaam villagers did four calls.  One for each of us!

And after the call, our kids played with play-dough together.

I think they might be in love.

At least, I know Danny is.

Anyway, without further ado...  Here's the call!  

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