February 17, 2011


Danny holding up his bowl of yogurt and rice cereal to me with both hands: "Ma?!"

Me with a giggle: "More? Yes!"


Pediatric urgent care doctor: "So he doesn't have any infections or the flu. I'd suggest removing lactose from his diet for a bit to help regulate his bowel movements."

Me: "Okay. Well that's about half his diet. Sigh. No milk. No cheese."

Doctor: "No milk but cheese is ok."

Me: "Why is cheese ok?"

Doctor: "Remember curds and whey? The curds are fine. It's the whey that has the lactose in it. Cheese will help firm things up."

Me in my head: "No I don't remember curds and whey. YOU were born in 1900, not me. I have never in my life churned milk."

Me to him in real life: Blank stare. "Um, ok, sure. Cheese, no milk."


Danny: Hands his bowl to me.

Me: Taking his bowl, "All done?"

Danny: Hands me his spoon.

Me: "Honey, are you all done?"

Danny: "Ta-do-do"

Me: "Danny are you ALL DONE?? Say 'todo todo'."

Danny: Signing, "TO-DO-DO-DO-DO-DO!!"

Me: "Oh!"


Danny: "Mama!"

Me: "That's me!"

Danny towards the window: "Mamamamamamamamama..."

Me: "I'M Mama, honey."

Danny: "MAMA!!"

Me: Sigh.


Me in a restaurant to Danny: "Here, would you like this?"

Danny: "No!"

Alejandro to Danny: "Here, have some crayons."

Danny: Throws a crayon.

Me: "It's not ok to throw," taking away the other crayons.

Danny: At the top of his lungs, reminiscent of a dramatic movie scene, "NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"

Alejandro and me: Burying our faces in our hands to snuffle laughter.


Man in the grocery store to his toddler: "That is ENOUGH!"

Me to the man: "We were just having that same conversation."

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