February 22, 2011

We're Joining an African Village

Ever since my friend Morgan started spending her summers in Uganda, I started falling in love with the babies of Africa.  Soon after, I discovered Katie's blog.  Then Jennifer went to Kenya last March.

It seems that for the past several years, God has been slowly etching out a special place in my heart for precious little ones (and not so little ones) of Africa.

Last year sometime we got a letter in the mail from Compassion.  In it there were pictures of six children that needed sponsoring.

At the time, we weren't in a place where we could sponsor them... and they've remained on my office wall as a reminder that the ability to give is one of the reasons why we work so hard.

Well, Jennifer (a.k.a. Mckmama) is back in Africa.  This time in Ethiopia.  She's working with an organization called GHNI (Global Hope Network International) and for the first time, an online community is "adopting" an African village to sponsor GHNI's work in this village.  What is unique about this organization is that they don't just go into the village, build something and then leave.  In fact, they don't even go in and build and stay.  They don't even go in and build.  They go in and teach the people of the village how to build.  And then they build together.

This week, Mckmama and a team from GHNI is in Garmaam, Ethiopia.  Here are a few photos I hijacked from her blog.

Today (or rather last night) because the current time in Ethiopia...

Anyhow, today they dug a latrine pit and tomorrow they'll build the "loo".  They didn't have one of those before today.  

So Alejandro and I decided to join the Garmaam village.  We're not moving...  We joined their extended village.  And you can too!  As of 3:30 p.m. MST, there are 44 spots left before this village is fully supported.  At $12 per month, you can join us on a 2-3 year journey to get this little village self-sufficient, healthy and out of the throes of poverty.  And if things go as I suspect, your heart and the hearts of the Garmaam village will be knit together.  Read all the details here.  

Oh, and if you live in Colorado Springs, make sure you clear your calendar for Friday night.  You're going to want to come over to my house.  I promise.  

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