March 30, 2011

21 Months

Dear Danilo,

This month you did so many new things that I wrote them down day by day so I could remember them all!

Our least favorite thing that you did was have lots and lots and lots of icky diapers and take us to the pediatrician 5 times, but at least now we know you are not allergic to anything common.  Well, ok we don't think you are.  I've been told that those test aren't fool-proof, so we'll keep monitoring your diet and your diapers and see.  In any case, your Papa and I are more thankful for solid poop right now than we ever envisioned we would be.  Anyway, that's enough potty talk for now.

Speaking of talking, you are quite the little talker now!  Earlier this month, you were enamored with socks, only you can't say the S yet so you kept saying, "Fffock!" with a spitting sound accompanying the F.  It was super cute and somehow wrong at the same time.

Ever since you said, "Doggie" to a dog... Everything is a doggie! One morning you saw a squirrel and a bird outside your window and you were completely enamored. You pointed back and forth to each of them and said, "Doggie! Doggie!"  

A week and a half ago (on the 18th) you held the ball at the breakfast table and said "My ball!" I'm not sure if you knew what you were saying, but if it was purposeful, it's the 1st time you put two words together. Since then you have also said, "Is doggie?" and "What's this?"

This is something else you did at the breakfast table.

You loaded your cereal in the back of your pick-up truck.

We laughed about it together.

You now walk up and down the stairs holding our hand and the wall. You will have none of the crawling stuff when it comes to stairs anymore. No sir-ee.

You imitate me a lot. Once this month I was drying our wok so you grabbed the small skillet that I let you play with and a towel and you started drying it too. Another day I was leaning against the edge of your crib with one leg crossed over the other and you came over and did the same thing.

You also love to imitate and help your Papa!

You love shoes. You love to put them on. You always get two shoes that match each other to wear and you usually put them on the right feet. You also love your  pacifier (still) and your stuffed friends.  Lots!

You kiss with your lips puckered making a smacking sound now. Once you saw Papa and I kissing long and you wanted to do it too. We decided not to kiss that way in front of you after that. But you give the very best little kisses with your lips all stuck out and puckered!

On the 16th you ran across your room and you jumped! You just did this little two foot jump right in front of your window. It was so cute!  Today when I told you to go tickle Papa, you got a stuffed animal and wiggled it into his face and neck like he does to you to tickle you.  Then you and Papa got me in a double tickle attack!  It was awesome!

The 18th you had a fever and you wanted to cuddle with me. You got your blanket and your pacifier and came to sit with me. Then you went and found another pacifier and brought it for me to suck on and you put it in my mouth.

Last Tuesday, when you were really sick, you were dirtying 4 or 5 diapers in an hour. Finally I just sat you on your potty seat to see if you'd go there. And guess what? You did!  You pooped on the potty for the first time! And then you signed that you were "all done."  Not that I expect it to happen again any time soon, but now you are comfortable with your potty seat and you sit there occasionally at bath time. You were pretty miserable that day, but you got lots of praise from us.

And on Saturday you climbed up onto the ledge of your window.  (It's like a window seat.) You don't like to get down by yourself, although you can, but climbing up and playing hide-and-go seek in the curtains is tons of fun for you!  Today you and Papa were watching squirrels and feeding them bread from your window.

Now that it's warming up, outside is one of your favorite places to be!

You LOVE LOVE LOVE Toby (our dog).  There isn't anymore fear or intimidation left between you two.  You play with him, call him, boss him, help Papa get his meals ready and feed him treats from your hand.  The two of you are quickly becoming great friends (and the best of all) you entertain each other!

Oh, and today, you hit 21 lbs 4 oz!  Yesssss!!!  You are officially not underweight for your car seat!

I love you and I'm proud of you, sweet boy.



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