March 14, 2011



I wish I could somehow convey the open-mouth feeling I have right now.  Apparently God had this one covered before I even asked, because 20 minutes after I posted this, all $416 came in from one person.  God is out-of-control amazing.  That's all I can say right now.  :-O

Original Post:  

I want to tell you about a new friend of mine.  We'll call her Beth.  Beth came to me by way of my Mary Kay business, but God has been working to guide her my direction for a long time.  Beth is a single mom of three.  She has a 9, 11 and 13 year old.  Two girls and a boy in the middle.  Beth dances for a living.  Yes, that kind of dancing.  For a living.  Because it's all she has.  Attempted suicide, drugs, alcohol, abuse, hurt, shame and God-knows-what-else are a part of her past -- her recent past.

Tonight, Beth drew a line in the sand.  Tonight she broke down and surrendered.  Two hours ago, she shed tears along with the shedding of her guilt, her past, her sin, and her stain.  Two hours ago, Beth gave her life to the Lord and received the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

After she hugged me tightly, dried her eyes and we made a plan for tomorrow, including lunch with me so we can talk about what's next, she walked out the door with a new glow.  I've only ever seen that new shining glow on one other person's face in my life, and that was my husband's after he gave his life to the Lord.  The visible difference seen in someone who has just received Salvation is a sight to be seen!

Here's the thing.  Beth needs a small miracle.  She needs $416 to cover her bills for the rest of this month, while we figure out another source of income for her.  She has already received a notice of shut-off from the electric company and her cell phone (her only phone) is days from being shut off as well.  She is scheduled to work tomorrow night.  This precious new daughter of Christ is so new in her faith.  She fiercely desperately longs to quit dancing for a living.  She MUST quit dancing for a living.

Can we step in and support a single mom and sweet gentle-hearted new sister in Christ who has radical life transformational work ahead of her?

I am going to see her tomorrow for lunch at 1p.m.  I pray it will be the first of many many lunches as she turns her life around.  I want to be able to give her what she needs so that she can quit her job and show her children a new way.  Will you prayerfully consider helping me hand her $416 tomorrow at 1 p.m.?  Will you email, text, tweet and message everyone you know and spread the word?

Would you also please commit her to prayer?  Pray that she learns to hear God's voice and to follow His leading.  Pray for COURAGE (her personal request) to make the hard decisions ahead of her.  Pray that Jesus continually reminds her how much he loves and adores her and that her shame has been washed away.

This is important.  This is REALLY important.  Thanks you guys!


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