March 16, 2011

A Little Note About Today

I am just full to the brim today. I know days like these don't happen every day, but when they do, I just want to bask in them.

Beth was just as open-mouth stunned today as I was. Her life has completely turned upside down (for the good) in the past 24 hours. This afternoon before handing her an envelope with $416 in it, I told her with a gleam in my eye that she had to tell me she wasn't going to work tonight. She asked me with a smile if it was a trick.

"Nope, not a trick," I said.

"Ok," she quietly murmurred, "I won't."

"Good, because this is to cover your bills for the rest of the month while we find new income for you," and I handed her an envelope.

"What?! How did you?! Renee!!"

"It wasn't me," I said and I explained.

She just couldn't say anything.

Aside from the fact that she's at home with her kids tonight, there were many other steps of progress we talked through, and she shared more of her story with me. She's still new in my life and even though you all don't know her real name, I don't want her to feel like her story is all over the Internet so I'm going to keep the rest private for now. I will just say that God orchestrated multiple people to make various things come together in different areas of her life, meeting multiple needs of hers.

She is BEYOND WORDS GRATEFUL. So on her behalf, THANK YOU!!!!

As for Danny and I, we hung out at home the rest of today. I'm dealing with a massive sinus headache and hoping it's not an infection, but that's hardly affecting my mood on a day like this.

Oh and guess what else?! (I know! There's MORE!) Friday night, my husband will be pulling into our driveway with the dog and the Jeep for GOOD! We are both SO excited that after 2 1/2 months away, he's headed home. No wild plans for the weekend, but that is of course, exactly what we're both looking forward to.

I miss this goofy guy like crazy.

So, would you all please continue to pray for us? Pray for Beth and courage. For Alejandro and a safe drive home. For me and this sinus headache and for God's leading as I mentor Beth. For Danny's continued health and growth in knowledge of Jesus.  Thank you friends, for walking through this with me.


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