April 26, 2011

This is the house...

...of the self-employed.  

This is the dining room

that's part of the house

of the self employed.

This is the table 

that's in the dining room

that's part of the house

of the self employed.

And this is how 
we've been spending 
much of our days: 

at the table

that's in the dining room

that's part of the house

of the self employed.  

April 25, 2011

April 24, 2011

Life is an Adventure.

And when it involves a certain almost two-year-old and his Papa, 
that even includes diaper changes.

April 22, 2011

So Many Pictures to Post... Not Enough Time. Or posts. Wait, this is the internet. I can post all I want. Nevermind.

This is Danny's ever-so-appealing face that he makes when he is making an ever-so-appealing whining and jabbering sound expressing that he wants something.  

Ah yes, the camera. Well, his toy old not-anymore-working one.

Forget cereal.  It's for the birds.

Smile through those groggy morning eyes...

strike a pose with that bed-head of yours and say...


April 20, 2011

A Very Special Post

Click here for another very special post about us two and our first kiss.  

I'm drowsy, but I'm here.

Okay okay, I guess I better fill you all in on what's going on with me lately.

I'm itchy.  

About a week and a half ago I started experiencing an allergic reaction that was... well, itchy.  All over.  Head to toe.  Itchy.  It's the kind of itchy that you get when you jog or exercise for the first time in a long time and it's cold and so when the blood starts flowing and your circulation gets going your limbs start to itch.  Maybe you've never experienced it, but it's deeper than what you feel when you have dry irritated skin.

It's really annoying.  

It'll drive ya nuts.  And I've had it off and on for a week and a half.

The other night I woke up with welts on my legs because I didn't realize now hard I was scratching them.

So I've tried benadryl.  That works, but it completely knocks me out for 8 to 12 hours so I can't really take it unless I don't need to be a mom or a Mary Kay consultant for a while.  Ha!  That's never.

I've been to urgent care and a general practice doctor.  I was given a prescription for another medication that he said would not make me drowsy.  I took it last night.

I woke up 11 hours later unable to function.  I slept for two more.  It's now been 18 hours since I took that drug and I still feel like a truck hit me.

So yeah, I'm frustrated.

We're not really sure what the cause of the reaction is in the first place.  I thought it was a change in laundry detergent, but the jury's still out on that.  I've rewashed all my clothes with a "safe" detergent, but still was itching last night (hence trying the new drug).  But it wasn't as bad as other nights so maybe there's progress that I just can't perceive yet because of the drugs.

Anyway, please pray it goes away.

I really really need to be able to function and function well right now.  There's Kingdom work to do.

April 18, 2011

Paychecks of the Heart

It has been one of those days.  I'll spare you the details but it was truly ridiculous.  I couldn't have made up the stuff from today if I'd tried.

So, instead I'm going to focus on something much more fun, and that is the beginning of a series called Paychecks of the Heart.  It's not going to be a regular series.  I've learned my lesson.  I know better than to try to commit to that.  Just a whenever-I-feel-like-posting sort of series.

The very top leaders in my company wrote a book in honor of Mary Kay Ash entitled "Paychecks of the Heart."  It is full of stories from National Sales Directors about the non-monetary rewards that they've experienced in building their businesses.  The back of the book has several empty pages waiting for the owner of the book to fill in her own story.

I've got lots of them, and I haven't been writing them down, so I figured this was a good place to put them.  There have been lots of times in my business when I have had the thought, "If nothing else came out of this business but this one thing, it all would've been worth it."

Beth's story was definitely one of those paychecks of the heart.

Another one came to me two weekends ago at our Spring Career Conference.  Conferences are always a time of great fun and reunion, as I see lots of girlfriends I haven't seen for a long time.  I always get squeezes from behind, only to turn around and squeal at whoever gave it to me in surprise and delight of a reunion.

Stacie was one of those.  She came up to me and tugged on my hand and said, "hello!" with great enthusiasm!  I hugged her back and we started catching up.  Then, just before she left, she said, "I wanted to thank you.  You don't know this, but last year at our meeting, when you talked about God so openly, you got me thinking about God and church.  I started going back to church because of you and now our family is doing really well."

My mouth gaped open and I insisted on a picture with her.  God is so amazing.  It has not always been easy for me to speak easily and openly about God to strangers.  Stories like this make me so glad that I've chosen to swallow my fear and say what's on my heart anyway.

Stephanie lit up my evening the other night the same way.  I haven't seen her in years.  Literally.  She and I carpooled to a conference 3 or more years ago together and on the way home we talked a lot about her hurt, her medical struggles, her anger, and letting God in.  I don't remember saying anything really profound.  I just listened and I think I tried to encourage her to talk to the Lord and open her heart to Him. She was in the military and headed off to another state so I didn't hear from her again until just the other night.  Stephanie has returned to Colorado Springs and she came up to me and hugged me and we started catching up.

She was glowing!  She's expecting her first baby and she gave her life to Jesus a little while ago.  The visible difference in her countenance is tremendous.  She let me know that the conversation we had in the car on the way home really had an impact on her.

When I started this business six years ago, never in a million years did I dream of having the impact I've been able to have on women.  I hardly had the courage to stand before a group of 5 women and teach them how to wash their face, let alone speak about God openly to women who aren't expecting to hear about Him.  It just goes to show ya', practice really does make perfect.

I practice.  He makes it perfect.

April 12, 2011

Who Knew Milk Could Be So Sweet?

 ¿Quién Sabía que la Leche Podría Ser Tan Dulce?

April 9, 2011

The Cherry On Top

As if today wasn't already the best day ever...  I mean, really.  First, I slept in 'till 8:45.  Then Danny took an extra morning nap so I got to take a leisurely morning shower.  Then Danny and I headed to Melissa's house and she spoiled me rotten.  Then my husband came home from a camping overnight with the guys on top of the world from a day of prayer, fasting and male bonding.  

And then the cherry on top.  Craig's list rocks.


a Nikon D3000.

For a really good price.  
(I've been saving up birthday money and such.)
And then I practiced using it.  

Yup.  It's been a great day.  

I'm Spoiled.

Today my friend Melissa stole me away.  
We hopped in the car and headed to...  I had no idea!

When we pulled up here... 

...I was really excited!

I was treated to this.

...and this...

...and this.  

While Melissa sat across the room getting pampered too!

The result? Happy toes...

...and a happy heart. :)