April 20, 2011

I'm drowsy, but I'm here.

Okay okay, I guess I better fill you all in on what's going on with me lately.

I'm itchy.  

About a week and a half ago I started experiencing an allergic reaction that was... well, itchy.  All over.  Head to toe.  Itchy.  It's the kind of itchy that you get when you jog or exercise for the first time in a long time and it's cold and so when the blood starts flowing and your circulation gets going your limbs start to itch.  Maybe you've never experienced it, but it's deeper than what you feel when you have dry irritated skin.

It's really annoying.  

It'll drive ya nuts.  And I've had it off and on for a week and a half.

The other night I woke up with welts on my legs because I didn't realize now hard I was scratching them.

So I've tried benadryl.  That works, but it completely knocks me out for 8 to 12 hours so I can't really take it unless I don't need to be a mom or a Mary Kay consultant for a while.  Ha!  That's never.

I've been to urgent care and a general practice doctor.  I was given a prescription for another medication that he said would not make me drowsy.  I took it last night.

I woke up 11 hours later unable to function.  I slept for two more.  It's now been 18 hours since I took that drug and I still feel like a truck hit me.

So yeah, I'm frustrated.

We're not really sure what the cause of the reaction is in the first place.  I thought it was a change in laundry detergent, but the jury's still out on that.  I've rewashed all my clothes with a "safe" detergent, but still was itching last night (hence trying the new drug).  But it wasn't as bad as other nights so maybe there's progress that I just can't perceive yet because of the drugs.

Anyway, please pray it goes away.

I really really need to be able to function and function well right now.  There's Kingdom work to do.

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