May 31, 2011

Springtime Walk

Just two weeks ago, when it seemed that Spring had barely just sprung, Danny and I went for a walk.  He pulled...

...err, pushed...

the stroller all the way down the street and back, 
while I enjoyed the tug of is chubby fingers around my pinky.

He would stop and talk to me and then tell me to keep going.

And then finally he decided he wanted to get in.

To the end of the street and back is quite a ways when you are just over 2 feet tall.

There were beautiful sights.

And ugly ones.

This tree was confused.

After seeing this tree I made a mental note that next year instead of driving an hour to the forest and paying for a permit to cut down a tree, huff it up a hill, tie it to the car, and then pull it into the house...  ...we'd just dress in black with masks and head across the street with a chain saw.

Then I wouldn't even have to decorate it.

The things you see on a morning walk in Springtime.

May 27, 2011

A Day Out

I love living here! Colorado Springs is just amazing.  Last weekend we decided to pack up the dog, the kid and lunch and go hiking - just to give this mono thing a run for its money.  I did pretty well!  

We drove down Constitution Avenue

to get across town to the foothills of the Rockies.

I played around with my camera.

We made our way to the base of the Seven Bridges hiking trail and started up, 

stopping every few minutes two seconds so I could take a picture.

I carried the water, snacks and camera, while Alejandro carried...

everything everyone else.

Then we popped a squat on a rock for lunch.
(That's Charmian's favorite phrase.)

Danny drank from a cup plastic container by himself for the first time!

Sandwiches by the river.

The river.

Toby protected us and ferociously attacked a... 


...a log.

Danny practiced his rock-throwing skills.

Toby got everyone wet.

The canyon started to fall, so the boys helped prop it back up.

Just kidding!  Relax.  The canyon wasn't actually falling.  
We would never do anything that dangerous.

There were bridges.  Seven of them, actually.

And there were these gorgeous little butterflies that were purple on the inside 
when they flew around but grey on the outside when they landed on you.

Danny hiked part of the way down but wanted to pick up 
and throw everything in his path, so that didn't last long.

I carried him the last little bit of the way back to the car.  

The weather was absolutely perfect, changing from sunny to cloudy.  
These next two pictures were taken only about a minute apart.  

And then... home for naps all around!

May 26, 2011

My Favorite Two Sets of Blue Eyes

Yesterday one of my very best friends came over to visit.  She and her husband live in Germany, so I miss her terribly but thoroughly enjoyed a day to do nothing together - which is typically what we do together - nothing and everything.  College, road-trips, dating, pregnancy, babies, life - we've done it together and I wouldn't have it any other way.  This is Charmian and her baby girl, Alessandra.

These two are also drop dead gorgeous. I took 79 pictures yesterday and no, I have not edited these pictures at all to enhance the blue in their eyes.  Stunning.  I'll try to contain myself.

(I'm so bummed this next one came out blurry.)

I successfully put her barrette in, which means I'm officially 
qualified to be a mommy of a little girl now.  Just saying.

Toby snuggled with Alessandra some too.  

We put Alessandra on Danny's lap

and told him to give her a kiss.  She leaned in!  

We totally cracked up!

This series of pictures had us in stitches!  He's playing with her toy and she's playing 
with his and neither one of them are very pleased that the other has their toy.

And suddenly...  total meltdown!

Mommies, why are you both laughing??

Whimper whimper.


"Oh look at this new toy I have!!"

Let's just see those eyes one last time.

We love you gals!  Come again soon!!