May 4, 2011

22 Months

Dear Danilo,

You are 22 months now!  That means that we're only two months away from your 2nd birthday, which is pretty amazing to me.  You are just a bundle of fun these days!  You have so much character and personality!  I never tire of hangin' out with you.

These days, you play really well with other kids… well, except for when you are taking a toy from someone because you want it, which is often.  You and your Papa love to play Legos. You each take turns between building and demolishing things.  You also play really well independently, which is absolutely wonderful.  It's one of my favorite things to watch you dive into your own imaginary world of play.

You are starting to really enjoy the rhythm and sound of books.  You like books for one of two reasons:  (1) Interesting pictures or (2) fun sound effects by me.  This is SO fun to me, because reading has always been one of my favorite things and reading to children is even better.

You are become pretty articulate (in a two-year-old kinda' way) in both English and Spanish and remembering words when I least expect you to.  When I ask you, "which one?" You often say, "éste." ("This one.")

Finally, not everything with a face (dolls, stuffed animals, puppets, birds, squirrels, cats) is a “Toby”. But you still call many of those things Toby, which just makes me happy.  Toby is your favorite word and my favorite word to hear you say.  My favorite way you say it is first thing in the morning with your squinty eyes and your bed head and footie pajamas at the top of your lungs running to him as though it's been weeks since your long lost love and you had seen each other and you are just now being reunited.  One of these days I'm gonna catch it on video.  It's pretty awesome.

We used to spend many-a-moment saying, "Toby, gentle with Danny.  Toby, be gentle.  Toby!"  Now we often say, "Danny, gentle with Toby.  Danny, be gentle.  Danny!"  Oh, but he is your sweet best furry friend.  It will not surprise me one tiny bit the day Toby decides to sleep next to your bed instead of ours.

You wake up like I do. In fact, last Tuesday when I got you out of your crib after your nap you threw a doozie of a fit. After your diaper was finally changed and you had reclaimed your blanky and your pacifier, you attempted to scale the sides of your crib to get back in. I put you in and you laid down. I tucked you back in and you hibernated in your bed for 5 more minutes before standing up and letting me know that you were finally ready to get up.


It’s ok. I get it, kid. I wake up slowly too. Apparently the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

Speaking of the crib, on Sunday we changed your crib into a big-boy bed!  ...And today we changed it back.  Ha!

You were not ready yet.  The first 24 hours went swimmingly, and then everything fell apart from there.  Bed times and nap times have been a disaster, and since we changed the bed because we felt like it and figured you were probably ready, not because you are climbing out or anything, we just changed it right back and feel perfectly content with that decision.  I believe things like potty training and big-boy beds and such are not things to be pushed on you too early, so no biggie.

Speaking of potty training...  you  went on the potty again this month! You are starting to get good at telling us when you have a dirty diaper, which is nice. Not that we can't tell anyway, but that's ok. ;) Progress is progress.

Some of your favorites: Outside. Loud. Legos. Tools (pretend or real). Trucks. Dogs. Helping. Cooking. Eating lunch standing at the kitchen island on your step stool. Oh yes. It's your step stool. Let's be clear. Remote controls. Fixing things. Animal crackers. Soap. And your all-time favorite toy right now: The hose to Papa's air-compressor. You spend your days "filling" all sorts of things with air. I'm constantly tripping over that thing and helping you carry it up and down the stairs.

Your window is one of your favorite places to be.

I have a bajillion and one photos of you there.

This is your purposely-smiling-for-the-camera, not-at-all-real smile.  
I don't see it often.  You're pretty smiley all by yourself.  

This is you singing/hollering into a container to make it sound funny.  You do make lots of noise, kid.  At least when no one else is around.  Get someone new around, though, and you're quiet as a mouse. 

You have the best smile...


Your kisses and hugs are sweet and freely given often.

You make our life pretty full, sweet boy.

This photo of us cracks me up.  It is so very indicative of the dynamic of our family.  I'm smiling and thoroughly enjoying hangin' out with you two, but usually trying to steer us towards a purpose - in this case, a family photo.  The two of you?  Completely lost in fits of laughter.  

I love it.  LOVE IT!!

Remember when I said you have the best smile ever? 

Told ya'.
I love you, Munchkin.  


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