May 6, 2011

Meet Toby

I realized the other day that after all this time, 
I've never introduced you all to our dog, Toby.  

This is Toby, our 75 pound, 4 1/2 year old, black lab.

He's a big ol' part of our lives. 
Especially Danny's.

As you can see, Danny has no qualms about bossing him around, 
despite the fact that he's three times his weight.  

They're quite the pair, the two of them.

One of these days, they're gonna come into the house covered in mud together.  
And it won't be that far off. 

Danny climbs on him and pulls him and drags him by the leg 
(because we won't let him drag Toby by the tail).  

Toby adores it.  Every bit of it.

They wear each other out (which I love).  

And that's the way it goes around here.  It's a house full of boys.

This is our Toby.

He's glad to have met you, 
but he'd really like you to throw the ball.

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