May 18, 2011

Mother's Me Day

Mother's Day at our house should probably be re-named, "Me Day," since really it's just an entire day in which I can do WHATEVER. I. WANT.  

It's fabulous.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  

This year on Me Day, it was a beautiful Spring sunny day...  Walking down stairs to sunny and green out my front window is another one of my favorite things.

The boys busied themselves in the kitchen (Alejandro did actually help Danny) and made breakfast...

...and then we spent the majority of the day half naked.  Oh wait, that was the boys who were half naked.  I was in my pajama shorts and a t-shirt.

This is what I did.



Yup.  Fabulous.  

That hammock, by the way, was a gift from my mother-in-love from Costa Rica, so in addition to lounging in a hammock all day, I also got to smell the scents of Costa Rica in the fabric that cradled me.  

Told ya'.  Fabulous.

I enjoyed the Spring sights of our front yard.  There was this critter.

Wait, let me zoom in for you.

This is one of the two lovey-dovey squirrels that live in our tree.  Here you can see the squirrel nest.

I enjoyed Spring flowers.

Oh, and this critter too...

This picture cracks me up!  Just in case any of you were wondering if Danny Boy ever gives us attitude...  Now you know.  It looks like something out of Little Rascals...  wait, here it is in sepia so it really looks like it's from Little Rascals. 

Ale says he looks just like me in this picture.  Thanks, honey.  

Hammock.  Danny Boy.  Nature.  A book to read.  Costa Rica scents.  Pajamas all day.  
A perfect Me Day.