May 26, 2011

My Favorite Two Sets of Blue Eyes

Yesterday one of my very best friends came over to visit.  She and her husband live in Germany, so I miss her terribly but thoroughly enjoyed a day to do nothing together - which is typically what we do together - nothing and everything.  College, road-trips, dating, pregnancy, babies, life - we've done it together and I wouldn't have it any other way.  This is Charmian and her baby girl, Alessandra.

These two are also drop dead gorgeous. I took 79 pictures yesterday and no, I have not edited these pictures at all to enhance the blue in their eyes.  Stunning.  I'll try to contain myself.

(I'm so bummed this next one came out blurry.)

I successfully put her barrette in, which means I'm officially 
qualified to be a mommy of a little girl now.  Just saying.

Toby snuggled with Alessandra some too.  

We put Alessandra on Danny's lap

and told him to give her a kiss.  She leaned in!  

We totally cracked up!

This series of pictures had us in stitches!  He's playing with her toy and she's playing 
with his and neither one of them are very pleased that the other has their toy.

And suddenly...  total meltdown!

Mommies, why are you both laughing??

Whimper whimper.


"Oh look at this new toy I have!!"

Let's just see those eyes one last time.

We love you gals!  Come again soon!!

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