May 31, 2011

Springtime Walk

Just two weeks ago, when it seemed that Spring had barely just sprung, Danny and I went for a walk.  He pulled...

...err, pushed...

the stroller all the way down the street and back, 
while I enjoyed the tug of is chubby fingers around my pinky.

He would stop and talk to me and then tell me to keep going.

And then finally he decided he wanted to get in.

To the end of the street and back is quite a ways when you are just over 2 feet tall.

There were beautiful sights.

And ugly ones.

This tree was confused.

After seeing this tree I made a mental note that next year instead of driving an hour to the forest and paying for a permit to cut down a tree, huff it up a hill, tie it to the car, and then pull it into the house...  ...we'd just dress in black with masks and head across the street with a chain saw.

Then I wouldn't even have to decorate it.

The things you see on a morning walk in Springtime.

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