June 27, 2011

San Diego - June 2011

About a month ago my grandmother called up my husband and announced that she had an idea.  She really wanted to come visit us, but she no longer flies on her own (at the spry age of 89) and no one was available to go with her, so could she fly our family to her instead of her to our family?  


So she bought us tickets and we started planning.  It was a fabulous 4 day trip (that stretched into five, thanks to layovers and delays - that part wasn't so fabulous) that started on a Friday and ended on a Monday Tuesday. This post is about Friday.

We got up at the dark hour of 4 a.m. and made our way to the airport to land in San Diego by 9 a.m.  Just in time for an early lunch!

We giggled over sandwiches, took naps, and then spent the rest of the day outside in the breezy comfortable 75 degree San Diego weather.  It took Danny about 2.5 seconds to warm up to his grandparents.

While Danny and Grandma Jeanne explored outside...

...I napped.

Grandparents rock.

It was such an easy, relaxing day and we all thoroughly enjoyed each other's company.

Grandpa loaned Danny his hat.

Chillin' with Dad and eatin' a snack.

Stirring eating raisins at the stove with Grandpa while he made dinner.
(No, that stove is not on.)

The house I grew up in has the kitchen, guest room, hallway, and living room all adjacent to each other with doors leading through each one in a circle.  When my sister and I were young, we used to chase each other in circles before bed time, with screams of delight until my parents had finally had enough.  


Danny and Alejandro must have gone around that circle for about 10 minutes!

Finally, it was time for bed...  and well, I already told that story.  It was a really great first day there.

Wednesday Walks

I joined a mommy's group this summer...  It's the first one I've "officially" joined and I LOVE it!  This one I particularly like because my sweet friend, Annie, organizes it.

Actually, this is not Annie.  This is Jess.  She's sweet too.  

And her little blue-eyed beauty.

This is Annie, with her little Lydia and my Danny.

Each Wednesday we pick a Colorado Springs trail and go walk hike it.  (I mean, who are we kidding?  We live at 6,000 feet.  No walk is less than a hike here.)  Then we usually hang out and play afterwards, at least for a few minutes.

A few things I love about this group:  Real down to earth moms.  We sweat.  Therefore we need not shower to show up.  We talk.  We laugh.  We do it every Wednesday.

This particular Wednesday...  it was May 31st ...Danny brought me my first flower from him.  And my first pine cone from him.

And stick. And rock.  And, well, you get the point.  
But it was sweet.  So I took a picture. 

Pretty.  Yellow.  Sweet.  
From him.  

If you live in Colorado Springs area (or if you are just here) and would like to join us for our Wednesday Walks, contact me at reneeporras@marykay.com and let me know.  We'd love to have you!

June 26, 2011


Since Danny was born, we've done our best to accommodate his inexperienced taste buds as little as possible, and expose him to as diverse of foods as we eat (taking into consideration, of course, readiness for things like solids, diary, spicy foods, etc.)  So now we have an almost-two-year-old who eats just about everything we do.  The only thing he doesn't eat that we do is milk products (he is lactose intolerant) and very spicy foods...  but then we don't eat very spicy foods hardly either.  So that part works out.  The milk part...  well, cheese is a challenge.  We LOVE cheese...  Anyway.  I digress.  

The great thing is that Danny eats all sorts of everything and always wants to try what's on our plate, especially any sauces or toppings we add.  One evening last month, Alejandro was splashing his chicken with lemon juice and Danny was making a big to-do about wanting some lemon juice.  Alejandro looked at me with a gleam in his eye...

and figured he might get Danny to quit bugging him for his food all the time.  He squirted about 1/4 tsp of lemon juice on a spoon and let him have it.

We giggled...

Danny giggled with us... and then said...


Um.... really!? 

This time Alejandro gave him about half a teaspoon.

By this time, we were cracking up!

And he still wanted more!

So my husband gave him a full spoonful!

Killer!  Look at that face!!

"No, Danny... that's enough.  No more."

Look at that disappointed little look!!
Oh well... at least we don't have to deal with a picky eater!  Ha!

A Little Marriage Advice for Your Sunday Afternoon

Every now and then, something comes out in a Facebook or Twitter post that's worth expanding upon.  My Facebook friend, Amanda, is celebrating 12 years of marriage today.  Congrats Amanda!!  She shared some wisdom on marriage and asked her friends to share theirs.  I'm no marriage expert, but this is what I shared and what God has been teaching me lately:

Endeavor to serve him in the tiny things. When there's something needed upstairs, volunteer to go get it. Better yet, don't volunteer.  Just get up and go get it.  When dinner needs to be made and the looming question is who will make it, make it. When a good back scratch would solve a lot of things, put the computer down and do it. And when a good romp in bed will solve even more things, decide that the frumpy mommy in you doesn't win today and go romp.

Keep serving in the small things, whether or not he serves you back. Period.

Recently I've been asking God to be in the daily mundane things for me.  My prayer lately as I walk around the house between meals, naps, diapers, bills and business calls, has been, "Lord, show me how to serve and minister to him and give me the desire and discipline to do so."

I've been amazed at how He has answered that prayer.  You should try it.  In the end... you'll be pleasantly surprised by the change in both of you.