June 6, 2011

God-Sized Dreams

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about the direction our life (of our little family) is taking. I think it's healthy and good to step back every now and then and ask the question, "Are we still headed the direction God wants us to go or are we on a detour you didn't have in mind?" Then to hunch back down, put the blinders on and go full-speed-ahead on the path He chose.

This morning, Danny and I decided to tag along with my husband as he drives around town doing estimates and fixing people's homes. It's fun to see him in action! While driving, I read (from my phone) one of the very best posts I've ever read on God-sized dreams - or as I like to call it - LIVING BIG. It's over at (In)Courage. I had to share it with you so here I sit writing to you from my phone. I highly recommend checking it out.

To read, just click here:


Then let yourself dream.


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