June 26, 2011

A Little Marriage Advice for Your Sunday Afternoon

Every now and then, something comes out in a Facebook or Twitter post that's worth expanding upon.  My Facebook friend, Amanda, is celebrating 12 years of marriage today.  Congrats Amanda!!  She shared some wisdom on marriage and asked her friends to share theirs.  I'm no marriage expert, but this is what I shared and what God has been teaching me lately:

Endeavor to serve him in the tiny things. When there's something needed upstairs, volunteer to go get it. Better yet, don't volunteer.  Just get up and go get it.  When dinner needs to be made and the looming question is who will make it, make it. When a good back scratch would solve a lot of things, put the computer down and do it. And when a good romp in bed will solve even more things, decide that the frumpy mommy in you doesn't win today and go romp.

Keep serving in the small things, whether or not he serves you back. Period.

Recently I've been asking God to be in the daily mundane things for me.  My prayer lately as I walk around the house between meals, naps, diapers, bills and business calls, has been, "Lord, show me how to serve and minister to him and give me the desire and discipline to do so."

I've been amazed at how He has answered that prayer.  You should try it.  In the end... you'll be pleasantly surprised by the change in both of you.