June 9, 2011

Mr. & Mrs. Meliski

On Saturday, we had the great fun of attending a wedding of a friend of ours, and I tried out my big girl camera.  Adam and Morgan Meliski are amazing people.  Just amazing.  Morgan has spent her recent summers in Uganda, teaching orphaned girls how to be free in Christ.  I've watched her grow up over the past 5 years and she challenges me often by the way she lives.  And she's stunning.  Absolutely stunning.  

There are a million and one pictures in this post, so just click here to read the whole post.

Here's their day.  

There were these two goofballs.  (That would be my husband our friend Bobby.)

Much better, Bobby.  ;)

The flower princess.

This group of musicians was such a joy to listen to and watch.  
They really had fun!

The wedding started really late, but it was worth every second of the wait!
Here come the gentlemen.

Mother of the bride, Gwen (and all-around amazing woman).

Here come the ladies...

Three sisters...

The Flower Princess took her job very seriously.  She did an amazing job!

The minutes of anticipation before she shows up.

And there she is.

Who gives this woman?

The most amazing thing about this wedding was that everyone who took part, particularly the bride and groom, are absolutely on fire for Christ and it shows in all they do.  I loved watching them all pray for Morgan and Adam.

Before starting, the pastor had Adam and Morgan turn around and say, "Hi," and just take in the moment.  It was so perfect!  No rushing into the next thing.  Just, "Let's look around.  This is your wedding!!!

Deep breath.  Ok, here we go!!

They each wrote and read their vows to each other.

Instead of a unity candle, there was unity sand.

Then the most beautiful worship ever.  
We all just prayed and praised.  
It was wonderfully filling.  

Kinda' like church should be.

Ready for that moment!?

Mister, kiss your Missus!

This pastor was so great!  He grabbed one of the brides' maids 
and kept her up front after the wedding and called her, "his."

Time to head to the reception... but first, a few more pictures.

When searching for a location, Adam and Morgan went driving through Palmer Park, Colorado and spotted a meadow.  They liked it so they knocked on a door.  "Hey, mister, think we could get married in your front yard?"

"Well, sure, why not?"

The reception...

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Meliski!  May I take your picture?

Ok, kiss!

They happily obliged. 

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