June 13, 2011

Preview to Mckamping Trip Story #3

While Saturday afternoon was chilly and cool, Sunday morning was warm and sunny!  Karina and Jennifer headed off to do a photo shoot and the rest of us hung out at the camp site.  We all decided to take the kids to the lake for a swim! So we cleaned up breakfast and got ready.  

How long does it take three dads and one mom to get 11 children's sandwiches packed, 

bathing suits on, 

(don't forget the gargantuan jar of cheese balls)

skin slathered in sunscreen (my travel-sized bottle covered all the kids' shoulders, but no adults. Oops!), 

lined up (most of them) for a picture and ready to go?  

1.5 hours.  Phew!  But it was worth it.  Pictures of the beach next!!