June 26, 2011


Since Danny was born, we've done our best to accommodate his inexperienced taste buds as little as possible, and expose him to as diverse of foods as we eat (taking into consideration, of course, readiness for things like solids, diary, spicy foods, etc.)  So now we have an almost-two-year-old who eats just about everything we do.  The only thing he doesn't eat that we do is milk products (he is lactose intolerant) and very spicy foods...  but then we don't eat very spicy foods hardly either.  So that part works out.  The milk part...  well, cheese is a challenge.  We LOVE cheese...  Anyway.  I digress.  

The great thing is that Danny eats all sorts of everything and always wants to try what's on our plate, especially any sauces or toppings we add.  One evening last month, Alejandro was splashing his chicken with lemon juice and Danny was making a big to-do about wanting some lemon juice.  Alejandro looked at me with a gleam in his eye...

and figured he might get Danny to quit bugging him for his food all the time.  He squirted about 1/4 tsp of lemon juice on a spoon and let him have it.

We giggled...

Danny giggled with us... and then said...


Um.... really!? 

This time Alejandro gave him about half a teaspoon.

By this time, we were cracking up!

And he still wanted more!

So my husband gave him a full spoonful!

Killer!  Look at that face!!

"No, Danny... that's enough.  No more."

Look at that disappointed little look!!
Oh well... at least we don't have to deal with a picky eater!  Ha!