July 4, 2011

4th of July Weekend 2011

The view out of our front door for the weekend looked like this:  

And out of our side window we could see our neighbors.

 Our three chairs were by the camp fire.

Toby took up residence in the stream in the gulch by our campsite.

In Matt and Annie's camper, Dannie and Lydia played together.

By the campfire, Danny and Lydia played together.

"Oh Mama, what do I do with her?"

Lydia discovered dirt and soot by the fire.

And she was just too funny with it!

Toby was in his element, as is usually the case when we're camping.

I saw this spot with trees in the back ground and a hill to sit on 
and decided to try for a photo shoot with the three boys.  

It didn't quite turn out as planned.

I was going for this.  But you know, with all three of them.  
What I got was this

and this

and this.

But I got this:

What can we say, Mama? We're boys.

This is Annie (enjoying a cold Dr. Pepper).

We spent a lot of time in the river.  Anywhere else was WAY TOO HOT.

Plus it was shallow and perfect for the kids to play in.




What more could you ask for?

Maybe for the bees to go away.

But they were harmless.

The kids played for hours.

Two kids.

A boy and a girl.  And when God was making them, He took all of Danny's 
tooshie and gave it to Lydia.  Annie and I were cracking up!

The dads joined us after returning from fishing with the dogs.

We ate Oreo cookies and in the morning, we ate breakfast in our jammies.

Not everyone was really awake yet.

All tuckered out and totally happy!