July 14, 2011

California Candle Gallery

Today I'm featuring two little shops in San Diego's Seaport Village that you MUST go see, when in San Diego.  I asked the shops' permission to take pictures and tell you all how great they are...  no compensation for it... I just really enjoy these two shops.  

First off, we're gonna take a tour through the California Candle Gallery.  

They design and create their candles right there in the shop.  

They design and create lots and lots of them.

Every single one is unique.

The candles are dipped dozens and dozens of times in hot wax.   

There are a few layers of color and many many layers of clear wax.  
This allows the light to shine through the candle better when it's lit.

In the store, artists carve the wax 

They cut off the bottom...

...and make magnets with them.

It looks as though the candles are also dipped in some sort of glaze, but I didn't catch that details because I was too busy snapping photos of all their amazing candles.  

If you're ever in the area, make sure you stop in and see them.  
And while you're there, tell them I said, "hi!"