July 20, 2011

Denver Zoo

A few weeks ago, Danny and I went to the zoo with Karina and her 5 kids.  It was awesome!  The kids had a blast.  The mommies got to have mommy time.  It was a great day.  

I really like this picture of a lion making a really cat-like move, as opposed to the pictures of lions looking regal and majestic, which are more typical.  

Danny was so fun to watch as he saw so many new sights!

There was lots of looking, pointing, and snapping.

Here you have the whole human gang (minus me of course).

Although, this is how we actually saw them throughout most of the day.

Karina cracks me up.  It was too funny to watch other pretentious moms stare in disgust as she pretended to misuse her kids' helpfulness.  Tim went right along with it.  About 30 seconds later, Karina laughed at how much work it actually is to hold your legs up like that!  

In the cat house, Danny was just feet away from this leopard.  Then, all of a sudden...

...it turned around!  I would not want to be at the other end of that predatory stare.  


We saw tigers...


And would you believe that Karina speaks peacock??  No lie.  She started, um...  squaking, and that peacock came right over!  Too cool!

 The polar bear was in the water, so we headed down to watch from underneath.  Danny was so excited at those HUGE set of paws!!

Then the polar bear dunked his head and...

he and Danny looked each other square in the eye.  

It was awesome!

It was a great day...

...at the Denver Zoo!