July 22, 2011

Love At First Sight Among Potties

Tonight we decided to walk off dinner with a stroll through Lowe's. (Uh, yes, this is our idea of a relaxing evening. I know. We are sick and twisted.)

After following Danny one lap around the warehouse, we headed back past the display toilets to use the restrooms. Alejandro perused sinks as Danny admired potties and waited for me. Then he spotted a business acquaintance who he'd not seen for at least two years with his wife and their two-and-a-half year old little girl. They said, "hi," and then, before he knew it (and this is according to him because I was, you know, using the adult potty) the little girl (whose name is Eisley) climbed off of her toddler seat in the shopping cart, walked over to Danny, grabbed his shoulders, wrapped her arms around him, and planted a kiss squarely on his face. And Danny reached to hug and kiss her back! She was, however, already playing wedding scenes out in her mind apparently, because then she took his hand before he could plant one back and they went strolling down the lumber aisle.

When I walked back around the corner from my trip to the restroom, the two were holding hands, smiling ear to ear, having a grand ol' time! They spent the next five minutes playing while the adults caught up and talked about toddlers, potties, poop on the kitchen floor (don't ask) and business as usual. When it came time to say goodbye, the two little love birds were NOT happy. Eisley gave a healthy holler and Danny - well, if looks could kill, I'd be dead. Alas, Romeo and little Julietta will have to wait at least another couple decades before their romance born in the toilet section of Lowe's can be realized. If I have anything to do with it anyway.