July 25, 2011

Pink Infusion - Day 1

I'm just going to give you all fair warning right now...  I am at our annual Mary Kay Seminar Party Inspirational Workshop Theatrical Production Training Girlfriends Get-Away Beauty Pageant Seminar and I'm not even going to attempt to try to curb the amount of disgustingly gushy enthusiasm that is about to spill onto the pages of this blog.

This is one of the funnest weeks of my year and I SO wish every single one of you could come experience it.

I mean, for one thing...  there's the food.

I mean, like a piece o' heaven on a plate Good Gracious, the FOOD!

I started with my salad.  

And since dessert was staring at me in the face between my glasses, and the main course had not yet been served, I ate it next.  Yup.  All of it.

And for the record, Mary Kay Ash always ate dessert first.

Secondly, there's the party.  

It is a kickin' party to end all parties!

Add to that, the best girlfriends ever.  

Girlfriends that ask you the sucker-punch-to-the-gut hard questions and won't let you off the hook, but rather, challenge you to be better.  

Girlfriends that make you choke on your chocolate cake because you're laughing so hard.

Third, there's the slammin' gowns we all put on.  Yeah, we rock it.

There's sitting at table number 13 - Mary Kay's personal lucky number... 
and realizing later how perfect it is.

There are new faces.  

A total absorption of world-changing inspiration and 
challenge to take the next step in God's plan for you.

There's powerful talk about walking in His Spirit and Truth even though it's not trendy or expected.  
Yes.  This is Mary Kay.

There are women who raise the level of your belief because if she can sign up as a brand new consultant, become a director and earn her pink Cadillac in nine months, well, maybe I can, too.  

It's an unforgettable four days.  This is just the beginning. 

I wish you all could experience this kind of community.  There's simply nothing like it.