July 26, 2011

Pink Infusion - Day 3

It's been absolutely non-stop go-go-go, learning and inspiration from 7a.m. 'till 10p.m. and I absolutely love every minute of it! Kingdom work is being done. Women are being drawn to the Lord and taught about a more abundant set apart life and that is out-of-this-world exciting!

I've just gotta' take the time to recognize you all and let you in on the honors I've received over the last two days! I have been recognized as the #1 consultant for recruiting in my unit and the #10 consultant for recruiting in my national area (consisting of a couple thousand consultants). What that really means is that our team is the hottest team ever!

To the team: Gals, I get to represent you here in Dallas, but I want you all to know that it is because of YOUR dilligent work and pursuit of an opportunity that I am here! I am SO proud of you and I wish to congratulate you on your achievement! I am thankful for each of you and what you bring to my life!!

I have also been honored as the #1 consultant in sales for my unit! Friends and family: That victory is YOURS. Every single one of you who come to me for your cleanser, moisturizer, eye shadow, mascara, shower gel or whatever... YOU are the reason I get to have this business in the first place. Without you, I have no business. YOU helped me earn this honor and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the privilege of being a work-at-home mom with the freedom to put God first in my life, my family second, and my career third.

A huge cyber hug and a heart felt thank you don't seem enough, but for now, it's all I have.  So,


Oh, and Sarah called me out on not posting any proof that I was actually at the banquet the other night, so here you go:  

This is my new friend, Liz, and I.  She's a pretty neat lady.  I completely failed at getting any pictures of myself with the whole gown showing, except this one... and it's blurry.  But here you go:  

That's me receiving a gift of beautiful earrings on stage.  I'll do my best to get more pictures tonight at our awards ceremony. With that said, I'd better go get another gown on.  Life's rough here.  But somebody's gotta' do it.

Love you guys!