July 4, 2011

A San Diego Birthday

Sweet Boy, it seems as though we've been celebrating your birthday the entire month of June, and though you've been two years old for a whopping four days now, I've been thinking you have been two for about three weeks.  While we were in San Diego a few weeks ago, we just couldn't resist throwing you a huge party with all of your San Diego family!  Everybody pitched in, and it was loads of fun!  

Your Grandpa helped Papa and Great Grandma get her house and all the food ready.  That table he's sitting at?  When I was a little girl, I used to sit at it with your Great Grandpa and play the Map Game.  Great Grandpa would tell me a city or state on the map and I would have to find it.  This was how we spent many meals at my Grandma and Grandpa's house.  That's a very special table. It makes me miss your Great Grandpa.  He would have liked you a lot.  And you would have liked him too.  

But anyway, back to the party.  Once the food was prepared...

...and the pool was blown up...

...and you helped us put water in it...

... then the party was ready to start!

We started the party with one of your best presents.  That way you and your new cousin, Dillon, would have plenty to play with. 

Speaking of new family members...  You have LOTS of them!  What with everyone getting married and all, the family just keeps multiplying!  These are your new Aunt Lisa's soon-to-be parents-in-lawlove.  Nora and Jessie are super sweet folks!  Jessie is fighting Parkinson's disease (which means lots of sleepiness), so it sure was special to have them there at your birthday party!!

Here's your Aunt Lisa with her soon-to-be sister-in-lawlove.  

These folks are great too!  This is my new step-brother, Daniel, and his new wife, Danielle.  Dillon (your new cousin) is her son.  Yep, Daniel, Danielle and Dillon.  And then you, Danilo.  How's that for a tongue twister!?  And guess what?!  They have another new little cousin on the way!!

Your Grandpa was pretty pleased to have his whole
 family and all the new additions in one place!  

This is a very old friend of mine, Elizabeth (well, she's not old...  you get it).  Her new husband couldn't come, but we went to church with them the following day.  They are pretty special people to me too!

Here's your Grandma Jeanne.  She's relatively new too!  She and Grandpa have been married for almost two years now!  They got married a week after your birthday.  

Your Great Grandma was just pleased as punch to throw you a birthday party.  
Boy oh boy, was she ecstatic!

Speaking of ecstatic, you sure were about the pool! 

You and Dillon must've played for at least an hour.  

He was SO patient with you.  You're just barely learning to share, and well, your birthday is a hard day to share.  But he sure was sweet with you.  

Finally, it was time to get out...

...and hibernate in a towel for a few minutes.

There are few things I love more than my wet peanut wrapped in a towel.  That's about the only five minutes of the day you want to cuddle with me anymore...  You're just growin' on up.

Presents were SO much fun!!  You just had a ball opening each toy and playing with it!

I could have let you take all day, but it was time for cake, 

So after paper had been strewn about all over, 
Grandma Jeanne pulled you onto her lap, and we sang.

And then...

...you blew out your candle...

...and signed that you wanted cake! 


You and Dillon ended the day with an awesome game of fly-swatter-hockey.  

Oh, and air-guitar.  

Why again, do we buy toys???

Your massive, new and old, San Diego family loves you very much!!