July 11, 2011

Sea Port Village - San Diego

If you ever make it to San Diego, make sure you spend some time at Sea Port Village.  Especially if it's summer time.  Especially if it's a weekend.  Since my grandmother made our last trip there possible, we decided to treat her to a day at Seaport Village.We informed her we were stealing her away for lunch and an afternoon stroll by the bay.  There are all sorts of great things to see there.  

At 90, my Grandma doesn't get out a whole heck of a lot, so when she does, it's a big deal.  You can imagine her delight at this afternoon.  We started the day by making friends with some pretty birds.  Since Grandma was looking all around at all the sites, she didn't notice the bird was on her arm until she looked down!  She was amazingly calm and collected. 

The Seaport Village boardwalk winds around with this gorgeous view.

My Dad and Step-Mom joined us too.  

This was one of the favorite places Alejandro and I spent our time at when we were dating.  With the street vendors and the shops and restaurants and the parks, it's a popular place.  It is also a popular spot for the homeless of San Diego.  It's easy to see this...

...and miss this.

 When you don't want to acknowledge a difficult reality, it's easy to see this...

...and miss this.

One of the things Alejandro and I did in our very early days of marriage was to invite a homeless person for lunch after church.  We'd go to Jack in the Box and pick up three combo meals.  Then we'd find a park and ask someone if we could share our lunch with them.  We had some fascinating conversations with people. It's a memory I hold dear.

Regularly making its way through Seaport Village is the Cinderella carriage.  I've only ridden it once.  It was prom night.

The sea gulls make their home on the docks and rocks.

Oh and the shops! This is the very best place to go window shopping... or real shopping ...but window shopping is just as enjoyable, if you ask me.  A few of my favorite places:

We affectionately call it the Candle Factory.  
More to come about this place later.

Upstart Crow is one of my favorite coffee shops of all time.  

And on the way over to the Fudge Factory, we met a family of ducks!

They started to swim away, but before we knew it, 

they turned back around!

They were up close and personal!!

I'm not kidding!  My camera's good, but not that good.  
They were just feet from where we stood and SO cute and fuzzy!!

You can also see odd shows like this one-man band

and a man who swallows swords.  

We ended the day at the Fudge Factory.

Danny, with his lactose intolerant cute self enjoyed sherbet.

You can meet great people at Seaport Village too!  We met this great gentlemen, Richard.  Would you believe, he grew up in Trinidad, lives in near Toronto, is a chief of police works in the IT department of the police department, and was at a Conference in San Diego!? (I thought he was the chief of police!  He sure looks like he could be one right?!)  He asked if he could share his table with us and now we've connected via Twitter.  How fun!  Here he is enjoying some real Mexican food.  Yumm!!

It was a great day at Seaport Village.  Danny was delighted.  

Grandma was delighted.  We were delighted.