July 9, 2011


Dear Danilo,

Ten days ago, you were officially two.

Yep, you, with your endless silliness and your moments of sweetness that surprise me out of the blue between endless streams of constant action and energy.  You just don't stop, kid.  When you want to sit quietly and read a book with me or play cars - usually in the groggy moments after you wake up from a nap - I have to remind myself to sit and enjoy it, because it will usually only last about two and a half minutes.

You love to dance, run and jump and you're getting pretty good at all three.  When you run, you often trip over your toes after your body gets going faster than your legs can keep up.  Your dance is the most joyful thing to watch. It just makes a giggle bubble up inside me.  When you jump, your toes don't usually leave the floor just yet.  But they will soon. Very soon.  You also have an uncanny ability to carry a football correctly.

Your fine motor skills are amazing too.  You hold pencils and pens properly and have done so for months now.

You. Love. Water.  Man oh man, do you love water.  To drink.  To bathe in. To throw.  To play in.  To water things with.  To wash things with.  To do just about anything.  You LOVE water, which makes me really excited for snow!

You have quite a few words in both languages, but we have to remind you to use them.  Your communication of choice recently is whining or yelling.  That's not really my favorite.  Ahem.  But I know it won't last.

You finally have it straight who is Mama and who is Papa.  You will often point to our three spoons (or cups or whatever) and say, "Mama's.  Papa's.  Nee-nee's."  (You don't have the short a or the d sound yet, so you pronounce the second syllable of your name twice.)  Sometimes, you add in, "Toby's," if he is with us too.

You're kind of a clean-freak, which I thoroughly enjoy.  You like to have your hands clean.  You enjoy mud if there is water to rinse your hands when you want.  You brush off your hands if they are dusty.  This makes camping SO much easier.

You always want to do whatever Papa is doing. The look in this next picture?  It's one of my favorite.  It's joyful anticipation of what is about to come with a giggle just on its way out.  It's like HOPE personified.

You have a thing for being wrapped like a burrito in a towel.  You LOVE to cuddle that way!

You still touch your eye lashes when you are tired.

You enjoy books and you enjoy sitting on the potty.  Every now and then you deposit something into it and receive lots and lots of praise.  But no formal potty training around here yet.  Nor are we eager to move you to a big boy bed.

You also still love your pacifier.  Although, thankfully, you finally let go of the newborn one and at least are sucking on the orthodontically correct one.  Hey, I'll take whatever I can get.  You are a great eater.  You will usually try just about anything we give you.  Here, you are enjoying salad. Yep.  My two year old eats salad.  :-D

You also love fruit.  Fruit is like your candy, which works out well, since we don't let you have candy.

I don't want to forget you like this, baby.  Small and big all at the same time.  

I love you to bits and pieces.

Con mucho amor,