July 5, 2011


It's 9:45 pm and I'm just home from one of my marathon 2-week grocery trips with tired feet, a bowl of cookie dough and iced coffee in the freezer almost chilled enough to drink.  Danny and I did dinner at McDonald's, I picked up my favorite salon hair conditioner, ordered some contact lenses and I got groceries all in one trip.  Gotta' love Walmart.  Plus, 3 hours in air-conditioning wasn't too bad either.

We are sort of cheap-wads when it comes to everything running the air conditioner at our house.  Walmart felt good.

I was also realizing that I haven't written a "stream of consciousness" post lately.  And then I was realizing that the "stream of consciousness" style was really something I borrowed stole from Mckmama without asking.  And I only gave her credit once a long time ago!  So here I am trying to make it right...  And I am going to start naming my posts, "unedited," so it's a little more mine.  It's still just me typin' away, without a real point or purpose... Sorta' like you're sittin' in my living room eatin' cookie dough and drinkin' iced coffee with me.

Anywhooo...  So sorry, Mckmama!!!  And thanks for the inspiration on these very casual, very unedited posts.

Our little family seems to be going going going this summer.  That's a pretty normal thing for us.  June and July seem to be jam-packed full of all sorts of activities and travels and such.  I do still have several birthday posts to get up, and a camping post, and Danny's first look at fire-works post, and loads of posts for Mi Cocina and pics from our trip to San Diego and Father's Day and... Man, it feels like I'll never catch up!

I'm doing lots of thinking about where my time is spent and where my (professional) life is headed.  I realized a while back that I'd truly love to put lots more time per day into this blog and make it, you know, professional.  (Read, income-producing.)  I'm not sure I could do it, but I sure wish I could try.  I'd write every single post in English AND Spanish.  And I'd probably convert it to Wordpress...  just because that's what professional bloggers do, I s'pose.  And I'd change the design.  Again.  I sort of am addicted to giving my blog a make-over.  It's really fun.  I enjoy the design of it just as much as the writing.  And I'd also post over at Mi Cocina more often.  And I'd also write Memory Lane Monday posts each week.  Maybe even two per week.

I like the word and tonight.  Can you tell?  Hang on.  I'll be right back.  Iced coffee should be ready.

...ok, yummm...

Those are things I'd do if I wanted to make my blog professional.  Maybe some day when I'm famous and making lots of money and I can hire someone to cook and clean and do all things besides my MK business and raising my son.  Ha!

On an entirely different subject, my husband and I rented a movie, "Waiting for Superman," recently.  It's about public education (Actually, it's more of a documentary. There's your fair warning.) and how it's failing.  I'm sorry to say that I actually agree with almost everything in that movie (except for the obvious scare-tactic) and have experienced most of it first hand (as a teacher).  I highly recommend seeing it.  Anyway, it got us thinking about education for Danny.  I know he's only two.  But school age is going to hit us a lot sooner than it feels like.

And here's the thing...  there are three non-negotiables in my book as far as my son's education:  (1) Christ-centered education.  Not education with a little Bible thrown in.  Not rules and regulations.  Life-teaching woven into each lesson so that he learns and lives Grace daily.  (2) Excellent academics.  I said excellent. (3) Bilingual education.  Not education with a one-hour Spanish class each day.  I mean math, reading, writing, history and science taught in English some days and Spanish other days.

So, yeah, it's pretty much impossible to find all three of those three things in education anywhere.  So, guess who's considering home schooling who never ever thought she would?


Guess who's completely freaked out and overwhelmed by the idea.

Yeah.  Don't tell anyone.  (Ahem.)

We certainly have not made ANY decisions. We're just beginning to consider all the possibilities.  What have you considered for your child's education?  Do share.  Maybe it will help us along in the decision-making process.

And one last thing on my mind tonight...  I need a chiropractor and a massage therapist to work on my body. Any volunteers out there?  There's a whoppin' knot in my right shoulder.

That's all for me tonight!  What's on your mind?