July 4, 2011

4th of July - Metberry Gulch

A camping weekend isn't complete for my husband if off-roading in our Jeep isn't involved at some point.  So after packing up the campsite and saying goodbye to Annie, Matt and Lydia, instead of heading back home, we headed deeper into the mountains Jeep Country to Metberry Gulch - a well known off-road trail.  

It was, uh, steep.  

It was also a great place to get some great photos.

So long as we didn't slide down the hill.

We didn't, of course.  
We did not, however, go down this hill.  

See down there towards the bottom?  That Rock Slab?  
We didn't do that either.  But we watched quite a few others do it!

Look closely.  See the two Jeep love birds perched on the trail in the middle?  


On our way back out.

Back up the steep incline.

Back over the boulders.

Look honey!  Two wheels.

And back up and out.

I'll admit there were a few tense moments, but man it was fun!  

Here's a series of photos of Alejandro maneuvering a 
deep dip and another vehicle driving up the rock slab: