August 5, 2011

So What On Earth Do you DO at a Mary Kay Seminar??

Since returning last week from four days in Dallas  I've been asked more than once what exactly we do for four days at our annual Mary Kay Seminar.

"Is it training on make up and skin care?"

Well, there's that.

And so much more.  

It's sort of hard to explain, exactly.  It is NOTHING like your typical business seminar.  I went to one once a few years ago after two Mary Kay Seminars.  Yeah.  It was BORING.

So what might you see at a Mary Kay Seminar?  Let's start with 8,000 Mary Kay representatives in the arena of the Dallas Convention Center.

And every single one of them is in a skirt and heels.  'Cuz that's how we rock it, people.  
Team leaders are in red.  Directors are in purple and black.  National Sales Directors sparkle.  

Not their suits.  Them.  Oh, and they do the can-can on stage.  It's a tradition.  

You'll see diamonds on display and diamonds on fingers.  There are many to be earned.  

You'll hear training, of course.  And it's riveting.  I'm not kidding!  
Entertaining, funny, inspiring...  I could listen all day!  And I did.  

Of course, you'll see pink Cadillacs.  There might even be one in the middle of the dining room.

You'll see women putting God first, their families second, and their career third.  
You'll see them bow their heads to pray and thank God for their food.

Awards Night is a thing in and of itself.  
It is a night of glamour and glitz and celebration!
Behind me and my girlfriends?  A stretch limo that took us from our hotel to the arena.

You may see matching diamond rings

and directors who've led their teams to do a million in production in a year

and really happy husbands.  

You'll see old girlfriends

and you'll make new ones.

A live band might entertain you as you wait for the awards ceremony to start.

And the show... oh the show!  Awards Night is complete with the most incredible entertainment.  
Those are firework pyrotechnics inside the arena!

What do we do at a Mary Kay Seminar?  

We par-tay.