August 22, 2011

Ten by Ten by Ten

Meet Robin.  Robin is a sister in Christ.  She is a sister Mary Kay consultant.  She's a fellow mom.

Meet Hailey.  Hailey is 5 1/2 years old.  She's Robin's little girl.  Robin says, "She's smart, funny, kind, outgoing, loving and caring.  She loves her baby brother and anything pink. She is amazingly strong and courageous and is my hero."

Hailey has something called Episodic Encephalopathy. Simply put, this means "disease of the brain". In her case, the doctors don't know what's causing it or how to stop the episodes. The encephalopathy has progressed to the point that it's causing irreversable brain damage and is now killing her brain and therefore, killing her.

Hailey has qualified for a drug trial that truly is the only thing left between her and death. Without this special treatment she will likely not survive more than a year. The doctors/treatment cost covered. The drugs are going to cost $3600. All but $1,000 of the costs have been raised.  The deadline to pay for the trial is this Friday, so we have until Thursday evening, the 25th.

In Mary Kay, we do more than just hold each other up in business.  We hold each other up in life.  We let fellow consultants, who would otherwise be strangers, sleep in our guest bed if they are in need.  We pray for each other.  We stand in the gap for one another.  I am one of ten women, who are willing to contribute $10 and find ten more people who will also contribute $10. Would you be one of my ten people?  (Or, actually?  Can we blow this thing out of the water and come up with all $1,000 and let what everyone else raises be extra for her?)

If you'd like to read more about Hailey's condition and her story, just click here.  The Visbal Family is going to need lots of strength, peace, endurance and finances.  I'm asking you for three things:  (1) Prayer. (2) Give just a little bit. Just $10. (3) Spread the word.

Thank you my friends, for being the Church in action.  I love you all and I'm truly thankful that I can reach out to you all.  We've gathered together in the past.  We've blessed Sarah and Beth.  Now let us lift up Hailey.

In His Love,