August 25, 2011

Tying Up Loose Ends

Hi guys!  Ok, I'm back, with an update on Hailey.  If you're new around here, just scroll down and read the previous two posts to find out what we're up to.  In short, Hailey is a five year old little girl with a life threatening disease of the brain.  She's qualified for a drug trial that is VERY expensive, and so we've been fundraising to help her get the treatment she needs.  We here at MQF* raised $1,000 to help her!  SO COOL!!!

Just tonight, I was chatting with Robin (Hailey's mom) and there is still a small shortage.  Robin was already counting a few pledges that had been promised but not actually donated, and those have not come in...  so they are still $274 short.

Guys, $274 stands between Hailey and a treatment that could save her life.  Robin has no plan B.  Her family has exhausted every resource.  There is nothing else.

I know we thought we'd finished.  I know it's frustrating when there's a hiccup in the road.  But imagine Robin.  Imagine that's your little girl.  We can't stop now.  $10 at a time, we can do this.  It's just $274 measly little dollars.

Please pray.  Please give $10 or more if you can.  Please spread the word.

And THANK YOU in advance!  You guys are the Church in action.



P.S.  I'll continue to update here, on Facebook and on Twitter, so follow along!

UPDATED AT 12:30 a.m. Friday morning:  Ok, I think we're down to under $200!  I haven't heard from Robin...  hopefully because she's sleeping, but that's my best guess as to where we're at.  (Not all donations are coming in through this blog, so that's why it's not all reflected in the Chip In widget.)

UPDATED AT 4 a.m. Friday morning:  And now, I KNOW we're done!  You can see on the Chip In widget we've met and exceeded that last little bit needed!  WOW!!  I LOVE how the Lord moves in the hearts of people!  I will keep it open, so that if you still want to donate, you can. The Visbal family has a LOT they are enduring right now, and if the Lord has moved you to give above and beyond, that will certainly bless them and help to alleviate financial stress. ...Goodness, thank you doesn't seem like enough.  I am so overwhelmed with your generosity and faith!  Through you, God has poured out to overflowing!  And with that... I'll head back to bed.  ;-)   Love, Renee