August 3, 2011


I am alive.  I really am.

I just haven't figured out exactly how to make everything fit back into my life.  I have stepped up my Mary Kay business after four incredibly empowering days in Dallas in which God helped me see anew the potential to impact women and refreshed my awareness of His call on my life to leadership within this business.  I also have taken on a new tutoring student - a sweet eight year old young lady who is gonna learn to love reading like you'd never believe.  She just doesn't know it yet.  She and I hit it right off today, and I'm really excited for the weeks and months ahead to work with her.  I also finally got the code installed just right on my side bar for the new BlogHer ad.  And how perfect that Mary Kay is running an ad on BlogHer right now!?  I absolutely didn't know that until just tonight.  Ha!  Love it!

I have loads of posts floating around in my brain, particularly one about potty-training Danny - which we are doing, but I fear it might bore you.  It's seriously been such a breeze.  (Thank you, Jesus!) The only minor hang-up we had was realizing halfway through day 2 of his training (read day 2 of him running around naked from the waist down) that undies in his size don't exist.  Yup.  Kiddo weighs 22 pounds and needs a cloth diaper to help his 12-18 months pants and shorts to keep from falling off of his bum.  (He's 25 months so he's training on the early side anyway.) So we're hoping that 12-18 month training pants can be shrunk and/or sewn to fit properly.  I guess we'll see when the box arrives at our house in a few days.

Well, with that, I'm going to have to abruptly cut this off and call it a night.  You see, I vowed that I would climb into bed before midnight for the first time in five days and I've already missed that mark, so off to dream-land I go.

I'll come back soon (I'll try - I'll really really try) with more pictures from the Mary Kay seminar (including my favorite black gown) and some camping pictures and (of course) some potty training pictures and updates.

Oh wait, one last thing...


You've got until midnight Saturday night, but why wait?!  Help me spread the word, please!!

Sleep tight, ya'll!