September 26, 2011

First Hot Chocolate

It's Fall, officially, and one of the best things about Fall is all the yummy hot drinks there are to partake of.  So of course, I didn't even wait until the Fall equinox to let Danny have his first sip of hot lukewarm chocolate.

I'm pretty sure he likes it.  What do you think?

September 25, 2011

Grammy's Visit

Two weeks ago, Grammy came to town, bearing all sorts of fun gifts!

We thought Christmas had arrived at our house really early.  

I guess it did!

These wooden cars are a delight to my little one.  

There were many other goodies that were shared, but I only was prepared with my camera for two of them.  

This gift was by far, one of the best and biggest Danny's gotten!  Kingdom Mama did an excellent review on another brand bike without pedals here.  Danny was super excited to get one!  (And so were his parents.)

At only two, he was excited, 


pretty cautious,

but eager to check it out!

After plenty of inspection,

he was ready to climb on and try it!

He especially likes the bell.

This mama had to lower the seat 3 times before finally putting it down as low as it would go to accommodate our compact little powerhouse of a kiddo.  Make no mistake about it, though.  Little ones can be fierce.  ;)

Danny took a few steps on it and discovered immediately that this bike does not hold itself up!

Papa helped, 

but Danny wasn't feeling quite as fierce as he often feels at 7 a.m. when attacking us asleep in bed.

He was more interested in "working" on the bike, like Papa does.

After a couple more minutes, he got back on and gave it another go.

But still, this was a little more unsteadiness than he was ready for, and he decided to walk the bike.

And after a few more minutes of this, we decided he just wasn't quite ready to tear up the neighborhood on it yet.  ;)  That's ok.  He is, after all, only two.  I'm sure by next summer, we'll be chasing him all over the neighborhood, and all three of us are still super excited to have this new fun toy!

The morning was just beautiful, so we decided to go ahead and walk anyway.  

A walk around the block and all the explorations involved is one of our favorite activities these days.

And with Grammy, it's even better.  

September 24, 2011

Guest Post

Today I got to guest post over at Kingdom Twindom, so head on over there and read all about how we met!

September 23, 2011

We met on aisle 4

As I came around the head-high display of Doritos and rounded the corner, there in front of me was the most pregnant and most beautifully glowing woman I'd ever seen.  (She will argue about the beautiful part, but this is my post, not hers, so there).  There was obviously more than one baby inside that tummy with the protruding belly button, and despite all knowledge of social norms, I walked right up to her and said dumbly, "I know you're probably getting sick of this, but is it twins?"

She graciously smiled at me, nodding yes.  She was indeed, getting sick of it.

"Aw!" was all I could say, with the hugest smile on my face.

Then her husband - who was somehow glowing with pride more than she was - leaned in, put his hand on her tummy, and said, "This is our second set.  The first set is at home Grandma."

And then I had to scoop my jaw up off the floor.

I'm sure I said something really eloquent, like, "Are you serious!?!"  We chatted for a little bit and then one of the twins kicked her, and I marveled because I hadn't actually seen a kick protrude from a pregnant belly before.  I'm pretty sure I did manage to keep from asking to feel the baby move, but just barely.

In the check-out line, Kingdom Mama and Papa Bear ended up behind me and so the conversation continued.  After several more socially unacceptable personal questions like, "When are you due?" and "Do you have any help at home?" I learned that she was actually still more than a month from her due date and no, she did not have any help at home, since her husband worked all day.  Then I had to turn back around, because it was my turn to pay for my groceries, but my wheels were already turning.

In the parking lot outside, I finished putting my groceries in the trunk, and noticed that the lovely couple who had more babies in two and a half years than anyone else I knew, were loading up their groceries too.  I closed the trunk and headed over to where they were.

"Ok, don't think I'm weird, but...  after the babies are born, could my husband and I bring you guys dinner?"

She promptly replied, "don't think I'm weird, but...  YES!!!"  We all had a hearty laugh.

The best part? Kingdom Mama then said, "That's totally something a New Lifer would do.  Do you go to New Life Church?"

"Actually, yes we do!" I said.  You know you go to a rockin' church when that's the reputation it has around town.

We exchanged phone numbers and several weeks later, called them up and brought them lasagna.  I held Bay Bit and Alejandro held Lil' Prince and we both just marveled at how tiny they were.  Tiny Dancer and Cuddle Bug climbed all over us.  At one point, all four of us had a baby in our arms at one time.  Ha!

We've been friends ever since.  We've slept on the floor of their mountain home.  They've played in our living room.  She got me blogging. We've prayed together, cried together, and held each other accountable.  We've been pregnant together.

She even photographed my son's birth.  I love that the Valentes are so very transparent and genuine in their faith, their friendship and their fallibility.  They make you feel like you're at home, no matter where you are and what you're doing.

Who would have thought such a great friendship could be born in the junk food aisle?  God did, apparently.

I love you, Sarah!


This morning, for whatever reason, I'm feeling tired and frazzled, pulled in a million directions.  Chaotic.  Before I even got out of bed, I'd already snapped at my husband and was impatient with my son (who happened to be climbing all over me, dragging me out of a deep sleep).  I was not a happy camper.

In that grace-filled and blessed moment, the Spirit spoke to me and reminded me that I am privileged.

I recently joined a Maximize Your Mornings accountability group.  I have a whole group of 25 new friends who all wake up together and check in with each other, encouraging one another in the Lord.  I joined this group, because I find it difficult to get up early, but on the few occasions that I do, I have much more peaceful, productive days.

Sometimes as stay-at-home-moms, we fall into believing the lie that our life is so hard and children take so much energy and we do so much and on and on and on.  Well, we DO do so much, and it DOES take so much energy.


But the thing is that we are privileged to be at home with our children, doing what we do.  There are millions of moms in the world who wake up at the crack of dawn each day, shower and put on a suit, take their children to daycare and kiss them goodbye for eight hours, because they have no choice.  There are millions of moms in the world who wake up before the sun, clean, cook, strap their babies on their backs and head to the field to work.  There are millions of moms in the world who wake up each morning with an ache in their chest because the toddler they thought would be crawling all over them, dragging them out of a deep sleep, has long since gone to heaven ahead of them.

We are blessed.  We are privileged.  We are gifted to wake up each morning to climbing toddler, whines for breakfast, tantrums because there was milk when they wanted juice, and tears and kisses on their owies.

It occurred to me in that moment that it's a little twisted that I have to join an accountability group for help to get up early, when really I should give shouts of joy and thanks for the privilege of getting up early every morning for my little one.  Nevertheless, we all have our own battles, and for this, God gives us one another.

So as I sat there in bed, before my feet hit the floor, and I decided to give thanks.  Ask forgiveness.  Start over.  Choose joy

September 19, 2011

Get Out the Slow Cooker.

Want to know how to make this?

Why, yes.  Yes, you do.  

It's over at Mi Cocina (my cooking blog).

You're welcome,   ;-)

September 17, 2011

Still My Favorite

That window

still has my favorite light.

It's still your favorite spot.

Those cars

are still your favorite toys.

And you

still have my favorite little-boy grin.

My favorite piggy toes.

My favorite little praying hands.

My favorite small fingers.

Even when you stick them in my camera.