September 4, 2011

First Fall-ish-Feelin' Saturday Afternoon

Yesterday, the weather stayed below 75°F the whole day, so we all thought it was Fall around here.  Since it was windy enough to blow my little kiddo away, we stayed inside.  And what do you do after spending all summer on the back deck with the tricycle and water and all of a sudden you have to entertain yourself inside?  

You reach into the recesses of your mind and remember Facebook posts in which a mom mentioned something simple that will occupy a child for hours.  Literally.  Who says social media is a waste of time?  

So I pulled out a cookie sheet and two spoonfuls of flour and let Danny go to town.  

After two 45-minute sessions, he finally got bored, so I gave him a toy car and he played for another half hour until it was time to leave the kitchen.  

In between playing with flour?  He head-butted Toby.