September 25, 2011

Grammy's Visit

Two weeks ago, Grammy came to town, bearing all sorts of fun gifts!

We thought Christmas had arrived at our house really early.  

I guess it did!

These wooden cars are a delight to my little one.  

There were many other goodies that were shared, but I only was prepared with my camera for two of them.  

This gift was by far, one of the best and biggest Danny's gotten!  Kingdom Mama did an excellent review on another brand bike without pedals here.  Danny was super excited to get one!  (And so were his parents.)

At only two, he was excited, 


pretty cautious,

but eager to check it out!

After plenty of inspection,

he was ready to climb on and try it!

He especially likes the bell.

This mama had to lower the seat 3 times before finally putting it down as low as it would go to accommodate our compact little powerhouse of a kiddo.  Make no mistake about it, though.  Little ones can be fierce.  ;)

Danny took a few steps on it and discovered immediately that this bike does not hold itself up!

Papa helped, 

but Danny wasn't feeling quite as fierce as he often feels at 7 a.m. when attacking us asleep in bed.

He was more interested in "working" on the bike, like Papa does.

After a couple more minutes, he got back on and gave it another go.

But still, this was a little more unsteadiness than he was ready for, and he decided to walk the bike.

And after a few more minutes of this, we decided he just wasn't quite ready to tear up the neighborhood on it yet.  ;)  That's ok.  He is, after all, only two.  I'm sure by next summer, we'll be chasing him all over the neighborhood, and all three of us are still super excited to have this new fun toy!

The morning was just beautiful, so we decided to go ahead and walk anyway.  

A walk around the block and all the explorations involved is one of our favorite activities these days.

And with Grammy, it's even better.