October 27, 2011

Dear Danilo

You are two years and almost four months now.  You are loud as October colors, both in personality, character and voice - at least when no one else is around.  You are bossy and assertive.  Particular and determined.  Oh, how I love that you are this way!  I know some complain about the difficulties of this age, but with each challenge, and each new way you finagle your way, I can't help but see the strength of character and determination that will serve you well in future years.  

You are fun-loving, kind-hearted, and full of fun and energy!  You play so creatively these days, and you are very organized and (I'll say it again) particular.  You like to group things into colors.  This morning, you build this:  

When it was time to clean up, you took the blue bin and handed me the green one.  Then you instructed me to put my toys into the green one and you would put yours into the blue one.  You proceeded to collect all of the blue Legos and put them into your blue bin.  Then you put the blue ball into the blue bin with the blue Legos.  Finally, you organized the Legos into a neat row along the side of the bin before we could carry our respective bins upstairs. 

Like I said...  particular.  But that's ok.  I love a person who knows what he wants.  Particularly when that little person has my green eyes and my husband's long lashes and chubby cheeks that I could just eat up.

You don't mind playing independently, as long as someone is sitting next to you.  You often invite me to come play, by saying, "Come here.  Sit." And you pat the place you want me to sit.  Usually, though, you want my help and observation more than my participation.  If I try to play, you take over and say, "Mine!"  Yesterday you arranged a few toys and you were pretending they were eating.  The other day you got your puppet polar bear and put it to sleep.  You tucked it in with your favorite blue silky blanket and gave it your pacifier. 

Your favorite color?  You guessed it:  "Azoooooool!" (blue)

Your favorite toy in all creation?  Your new Thomas the Train pillow.  Man, oh man, you do love trains!  Train puzzles, train videos, train pajamas, train books...  anything with a train is your favorite!  Your bedtime routine involves the usual (potty, pajamas and water) as well as brushing your own teeth, reading a book - your favorite is the colors book and Papa's magic pointing finger as you point to each object and name them - and of course, your train pillow.  

Ever since you spent two nights at Matt and Melissa's house last weekend, Caleb is your best friend, and you talk about him frequently throughout the day. You call him "Cay-ub."  

New phrases you are using are:  "Other one." "Again!" "Get it." "Go away!" (when you want to use the potty in private) and  "I do it!"

We talk daily about how important it is to listen and obey, and when needed, you say, "sorry" (by saying and signing it) and we say, "I forgive you," (by saying  and signing it.)  You have started to voluntarily say sorry when I remind you to listen and obey. 

 Occasionally you try to say sorry in order to get your way, but we're onto ya' little man.  It gives me joy that you usually use it for the right reasons.

Your two year molars are coming in and you weigh 23 pounds and you are 33 inches tall. 

My favorite is when you crack yourself up.  Something will poke your funny bone and you fall apart in a fit of giggles and I could just swim in them!  Of course, then I crack up too, which makes you giggle even more.

My other favorite is your hugs.  You wrap the entire length of your short little arms around my neck and give the best squeeze ever, while saying, "Hug!"

You're a bundle of fun, munchkin, and you are turning into quite the helpful, innovative, joyful little man.

I love you, Danny.