October 1, 2011

Say What!?

Danny's language seems to be exploding these days.  He's saying all sorts of new words.  Especially when we tell him to.  It's loads of fun!  And most recently, he asked to pray, so now he repeats prayers after us, word by word.  More on that in another post.

Despite his attempt to say all sorts of new words, the pronunciation isn't always quite right, and unless you know what he's trying to say, it can be rather confusing.  And even alarming.  

For instance, he often uses the words phone and fall (in English).  Except he pronounces them both just like the mother-load of all most horrible cuss words.  The F word.  And he says it quite perfectly.  I'm just spelling it with an O in this post because I can't handle writing it correctly.

It's hysterically funny, and I have the hardest time not cracking up multiple times a day.

A toy falls to the floor.  "Fffffock down!" he says emphatically.

He wants to make sure something doesn't fall to the floor.  "Ffffock!  No!!" he says innocently.

My phone makes noise.  "Ffffock! Now!!"

He also has an interesting pronunciation of the word hungry.  When he's ready for lunch, he says to me emphatically, "Horny!"

Uh... huh!?!


...oh, right.  Lunch.  At least he's not yet saying I'm before the word horny.

The best, though, was once when my phone rang in the other room, Danny looked at Alejandro and I and ordered us both, "Fffffock!!  Now!!!  Go go go!!!" while pointing to the bedroom.

We almost died laughing.