October 5, 2011

Shaken a Little

Not knowing what this evening would be like, I scheduled a couple pictures and a light-hearted note to post this evening...  First of all, let me start by saying, Danny's just fine.

That said, Danny was shoved today and fell and hit his head.  {{HARD.}}

It was the absolute worst thing I've ever endured watching.  I know that some of you out there (particularly those who have children who are very sick) have endured watching your child suffer so much more... but for me, this was the worst injury I've seen him take, and I did NOT enjoy it.

I'm a little shaken up, to be honest.

We have a 75 pound, loving, goofy, friendly, black lab named Toby who would never hurt a fly, but who is not super well behaved and who is easily excitable.  We're working on this.  This afternoon, before Alejandro got home, Toby was running around the back yard at top speed.  Danny and a baby gate were in his path and he attempted to jump OVER Danny.  He didn't make it.  Toby's hind legs caught Danny's upper torso and sent him flying backwards about six inches off the ground, landing on his back and head.  His head smacked the wooden deck pretty hard.

He screamed and sucked air for a solid 5 minutes while I held him and worked to keep myself together.  Then I grabbed ice and called the Ask-a-Nurse hotline (oh blessed blessed of inventions - I can't tell you how much I've used that thing) and explained what happened.

Danny's okay.  He's cranky and tired and running a mild fever, but he's got no major swelling, no vomiting, delirium, uneven pupils or any other signs of concussion.  Did ya'll hear that (especially to the grandparents)? Danny's doing just fine.  Tonight he's sleeping in our room, and we all get to wake up and party walk around and talk for a few minutes, every 4 hours to make sure he stays fine.

I covet your prayers.  But I covet them for some friends of mine much more than for my own family.  There are three separate women who are close to me who are REALLY hurting tonight.  My heart aches for them.  In order to protect their privacy, I'll keep them nameless, but all three are dealing with major health issues and two have major loss (a baby and a grandparent) to pile on top of that.

Thank you all for lifting up the family of Christ tonight.

In Him,