November 9, 2011

Afternoon on an ATV & Lots of Old Stuff

I did it!  I finally made it through ALL of the photos from our trip to Salida!  Here are the last ones...

Some friends of ours loaned us their ATV so we got to explore 
the great outdoors as we'd never done before.

Under the bright sun, bundled up for cold weather, hanging on tight from 
behind my husband, I snapped as many pictures as I could get away with.

We drove up over a mountain pass...

...above the snow line...

...and back down into the next valley...

...where we stopped for lunch.

We finally made it to our destination.

A bunch of old deserted mines!

This old two-room miner's cabin was so cool!

The bedroom still had the remains of an old mattress and a chair.

It was one of the biggest we found.

I guess humans have been littering for a really long time.

There were REALLY BIG nails.

This river shone in the sunset like gold... this picture doesn't even come close to doing it justice.

We had a great time exploring!

I may or may not have done the splits in this frozen stream attempting to get this picture. 

That's when we decided to jump back on the ATV and follow the sun the other direction...

...back to the Goat Mountain Lodge and the awaiting spa.  Aaaaah.

Honey, when are we going back? :)