November 25, 2011


Well, we did it! We cooked our first Thanksgiving dinner!  It was scrumptious, and it was SO MUCH FUN!  I really enjoy making a great meal.  I don't like the cooking part, so much, but I do love to put it on the table and call it mine.  

So around 2 p.m. (I know, a teensy bit late) I gathered all the ingredients for the five recipes I would be responsible for, and set to work.

My Mom hung out on the couch and entertained Danny by drinking 
wine from his straw cup, which was so thoughtfully served to her.

My family really needs to loosen up.  

Alejandro went to work preparing and baking the ham.

Meanwhile, I made the candied carrots.

My mom and step-dad brought home-made pumpkin pie

and the drinks.

Time passed, and I got impatient, therefore turning all of the subsequent pictures into horrible specimens of I'm-impatient-so-I'll-just-set-my-camera-on-auto-thereby-giving-everything-a-barfy-yellow-tint. 

I made the sweet potato casserole, 

ham gravy,

(I know! I'd never heard of ham gravy either!  
'Till I decided to invent it.  It was SO good!!)

green bean casserole, 

and mashed potatoes.  

The company was divine!

And finally,

it was time

to eat!

Every single recipe came out fantastic, so you can click here to see them all, or you can click on each one for the individual recipes.  :)  Enjoy!