November 4, 2011


I've sorta' had my head in the sand lately.  I've been dealing with some icky stuff, none of which I can blog about.

I recently got a new Android phone (Tmobile MyTouch) and I love it.  It is seriously changing my world and helping me to get so much more done and stay much more on top of what I need to.  Technology is a beautiful thing.  Most of the time, I think.

My sister is getting married in February.  Aaah!  That's coming SO FAST!

It's cold here.  Not snowy.  Just cold.

My neighbor with the apple tree was sick and in the hospital for a bit.  So we collected all his apples.  You would not believe the quantity of apples I've been slicing, jarring, cooking, preserving, freezing...  It's truly amazing.  And we won't have to buy applesauce or jam for a year.  I'm not exaggerating.

My Mary Kay business has taken a turn for the more fun if that's possible.  Because I decided I wanted it to.

I have two high school students I'm tutoring.  I really like seeing them discover that algebra is possible.  And useful.  And occasionally sorta' fun.  Ok, maybe that's just me having the fun.

I'm editing the last of the pictures from our anniversary weekend in Salida.  I hope to post them soon.

My husband and I are in one of those sweet spots in life.  Really doing well in our marriage.  Really enjoying where we are at.  Really grateful for what we have.  Really storing up and praying up and enjoying this season.

I'm excited about cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year.  For the first time ever.  Eek!

I have about fourteen million recipes that I need to post over on my cooking blog.  I am WAY behind.

I used to be a gymnast.  Did you know that?  Danny has started doing somersaults.  I have no idea why.  He just decided to dive off of a box one day and somersault.  Gave me half a heart attack but he pulled it off like he'd been doing it for years.

Danny's also speaking loads of English and not as much Spanish and I'm sort of feeling like we're failing at truly teaching him to speak fluent Spanish.  Not like he speaks fluent anything yet... and he DOES understand what we say in Spanish just fine.  But still. I'm sort of self-critical tonight. And sort of emotional.

I have a dream of being a Compassion Blogger some day.  I also have a dream of having a hundred bazillion readers some day.  So feel free to spread the word and tell people to click my way.

I'm going to watch a movie with my husband now.  :)